Immortality…take it…IT’S YOURS! “Have a Little Faith” is still #1!

15 - 1Yep, my store ranking went up last night, the BRADDAQ index reaching 239 in the whole Kindle store.  Still coasting on the high, and ready to translate that into some substantial wordage on the Werewolves this week.

But, getting technical about it – the overall BookBub results were not as expected.  Given my 2% sell through on previous .99 BBs, with a list of 150k subscribers, I’d hoped for 3000 sales.  1500, or 1%, would have been good too.  But I only got 600 yesterday – yes, enough for triple #1’s, but far short of prior results.

It’s all sorcery, timing, phases of the moon, but I do assign a bit of blame to BB’s flavorless blurb: “When out and proud Rocky meets closeted Dex, the sparks start flying. But if Rocky doesn’t date straight guys and Dex can’t admit his true feelings, will they be able to overcome their troubled pasts and fall in love?”

NO mention of the rock star/country star angle, and it just…makes it sound like a generic, flavorless, 300-pages-of-angst contempo romance.  Nothing that sounds any different from, you know, any post-New Adult romance novel.  Nothing there that makes me wanna click for more.

Well, BB always surveys me after the sale, and I’ll let them know.  They’re still a great resource, but for some reason, this time I just didn’t get the big bada boom.

Live and Learn!  Onward and Upward with the Arts!  I can’t get too depressed about my $ when my rank gave me the crown I’ve been seeking for so long. (I’ve been saving that picture for a while!)  My wolf/butchering research is going swimmingly, and I’m definitely stoked about the amount of wordage I’ll be putting out this week.  I even have some breathing room, thanks to E. L. James and her self-recycling June 18 release – nobody will be talking about anything else for at least a week, so nobody I know is releasing anything until after the storm subsides.

5 Comments on Immortality…take it…IT’S YOURS! “Have a Little Faith” is still #1!

  1. Trying to figure out a way to buy it more than once 😉

  2. where do we vote?? i will vote as many times as you will let me. VBG

    • Just kidding 🙂 The only way to vote again is to buy more copies of the book…but I have no objection to that!

  3. oh, ok so the act of buying a book generates a vote? cool.

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