It’s Coming! A trial run with my first “Bradiobook”!

StepCoverFinalYeah, so I was on the 3M/Musketeers podcast a few weeks ago, and not only did I not hate the sound of my voice, but I was told it sounded pretty darn good, by golly.  Which got me thinking about doing an audiobook.

Amazon has very few M/M audiobooks, for (I think) one of two reasons.  Either the market isn’t that big and it’s not worth it unless you’re toplist, or it’s just too much of a cost/hassle for most people.  If you can’t handle the computer bits – working the microphone, creating the sound-boothy environment, doing the smoothing and editing of the recorded product – and/or you don’t have a voice for narration, then the investment in paying someone else to do it could be pretty steep.

In my case, I’ve done audio recording and editing for a few years so that’s not an obstacle.  It’s been a bitch and a half trying to get a non-echo-y recording environment, that’s for sure, on a super discount budget. I don’t want to put any real $$ in it until I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

So, I just recorded “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” using the equipment and materials at hand.  My plan is to put it up free on SoundCloud when it’s edited – narrating is the fun part, but editing is a boring bitch of a grind, so it’ll be a few days.  Then, we’ll see if The Buying Public likes it enough to make it worth my time and money to upgrade some equipment and do this shit for real, scaling up from shorter works like the stepbundle and the Sambundle and on into the novels.  Or into the shortest novel first, “A Little Too Broken,” and on from there.  Whatever.  I’ll cross that bridge if I even come to it.

11 Comments on It’s Coming! A trial run with my first “Bradiobook”!

  1. In Japan audio and cd’s for m/m comics are a hot commodity. There is definitely an audience for it here. But they hire actors to do the voices cause its so big there. It can be big here too. People have to get over that barrier of it being m/m. I’m waiting patiently for the audio…

  2. I love audiobooks! I listen to them walking round the park with my dogs 🙂 And bare in mind that not only can you record your own but other authors are always looking for narrators for THEIR books so if you can make it good ….. 🙂

  3. I love audio books! I frequently have to take long drives and they make the time seem to fly by. And you’ve got me curious to hear your voice now. Plus in general, who could do a better job of getting the voices and emotions of the characters in the story right than the author whose had those voices in their head all along? Looking forward to this!

  4. Audio books are great. I’m glad you are giving it a go. Damn I want Sam or Jesse !

  5. Dreamspinner Press I think is the main MM publisher that takes audiobooks seriously since they have the most number of releases in Audible so far. Other MM publishers are starting to get into the act, though. There’s currently almost 1k audiobooks under Fiction>Gay & Lesbian in Audible, though I’ve got some that are under Romance or Contemporary (in some cases sci fi and fantasy depending on the genre). I’ve bought more than 100 audiobooks from Audible since I became a member last year and there does seem to be a market for it seeing as the number of titles being released has been going up.
    The Full Ride by Gavin Atles, narrated by Jason Frazier actually reminded me a bit of your 7Hits anthology (it’s a compilation of short, MM erotica too). The quality of narrators varies quite a bit, but if you want to listen to samples, the ones from Jason Frazier, Tristan James/TJ Jamesin, Michael Stellman, Paul Morey, Finn Sterling, Iggy Toma are all good. These are the narrators on my auto-buy list when it comes to MM.
    Anyway, good luck! This should be interesting if it takes off.

    • Thanks! I’ll be posting my sample today, I’d love to hear your opinion since you’ve listened to so many!

      • Sure thing :). I actually did listen to the podcast you posted a while ago and thought it was good. Actually downloaded other episodes of the podcast, too. You sort of remind me a bit of John Solo (anothe narrator who mainly does MM books). So far the only narrators I haven’t cared for are Jeff Gelder and Andrew Schwarz. They’re my anti-auto-buy. Too monotone and the pace is too fast.

        There’s an audiobook thread in the MM Romance group over at Goodreads. I don’t know if you’re a member of the group, but I can post a link to your audio sample there, too, once it goes up here.

      • Thanks! I’m just writing a post with the link now 🙂

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