It’s HERE! My first Bradiobook, “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” is FREE on SoundCloud!

And you can listen to it right here!

I did it!  It took a lot of work, futzing with the mike and creating a homemade baffling setup, trying different spaces in the house, seeing if Audible (oops ! I meant Audacity!) would do for free what Adobe Audition was gonna charge me for, going blind cutting out all the huffs and sniffs and gasps in 30 minutes of audio…but I think it’s all worth it.

It sounds pretty pro to me.  I did the shortest popular story I have, of course – in case I’m delusional and everybody thinks I’m crazy for doing this.  But…if it flies, well, I’ll scale up to creating actual $$$ paying audio…er, Bradiobooks on Audible.

12 Comments on It’s HERE! My first Bradiobook, “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” is FREE on SoundCloud!

  1. Ooh! Your voice is awesome. You made the hot scenes a million times hotter.You have teased me, sir! I need more. I have my fingers and toes crossed for a “Have A Little Faith In Me” adiobook. But I know you are busy.

    • Thanks!!! I’m going to start with A Little Too Broken I think but if all goes well I’ll get to Faith eventually 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! That was brilliant. Your voice was made to do audiobooks. As someone who has over 200 of them (collected over 20+ years) , I know of what I speak. There are so many voice actors out there who make a good book come across as flat. Unfortunately a majority of them reading mm books. Yours was a pleasure to listen to. Hope fully this is the first of many.

    • Yayyyyyyy! Thank you! I’m so enjoying doing them but I had to be sure I wasn’t crazy thinking I could do them 😉

  3. Not bad. Maybe adjust the pacing a bit because there were parts that sounded like they consisted of run-on sentences? You do have a pleasant reading voice though.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I think in the future I may have to edit/reword some sentences to make them flow better when spoken.

  4. I enjoyed it. There were a couple of places that didn’t flow quite right, but otherwise it was a pretty good reading.

  5. You have a very pleasant reading voice, Brad. Good luck with this project!

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