It Begins! Evolve or Die! Here’s my plan…

WerewolfTEMPSo okay! There’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is that “Werewolves of Brooklyn” will take a little longer than anticipated. Its first 22k is going back into the shop for major retooling. Given yesterday’s coup d’etat (All Hail Our New Insect Overlords), I need to add more action and more sexin’ in the content than I have so far. The pace of “Werewolves” is a bit slow to start, which is, well, I believe the German word (when they make it up) will translate to “pageturndeath.” Need to keep the shit movin’ if I want those borrowbux!

The good news is, well, more sexin’! And more killin’! And, oh yes, more backstory 🙂

I’ve spoken to my Guru, who estimates we’ll see a floor of .007 or .008 cents a page (yes, less than one cent) in the new system.  Amazon’s current page-counting system (and I’m not sure if this the old or the new one) is giving me one page for every 250 words.

This translates to $1.54 for a 50k story, or $1.23 for a 40k story… not far below the $1.33 per borrow floor that we’ve had lately.  So, “Werewolves” at 40k is still a reasonable investment for me, and at 50k it’s a better one than I’ve been getting for 70k lately… How does he know this?  Well, trust me, he’s The Oracle.  Have a cookie.

Then again, who knows, it may turn into a full fledged novel…I’m not going to “force it to fit,” form follows function and all that, but I know you won’t be unhappy if it has more pages rather than less 🙂

This whole thing has knocked me off my creative dot lately, but I’ll get back on the horse, or the werewolf, soon…

2 Comments on It Begins! Evolve or Die! Here’s my plan…

  1. Uh just write man they will come or at least I will

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