get-out-of-jail-freeThat’s right. From Selena Kitt’s website re her convo with her Amazon rep.

For the first 90 days, everyone enrolled in KU will be able to opt out AT ANY TIME. You are NOT TIED TO THE 90 DAY PERIOD…This will apply for at least the first 90 day period of the new system…S0, authors, if you’re thinking of jumping ship, Amazon wants you to stay…Clearly, they’re trying to prevent a mass exodus here. That, of course, will depend on how much a “page” ends up being worth. And we’ll have to wait until mid-August to find that out…”

Read the whole thing here, with more interesting info:

You can’t just “click out” via your Bookshelf, though, according to the Amazon help page on the New Regime.

“You can enroll in KDP Select at any time by visiting your Bookshelf. If you no longer want your book(s) to be included in KDP Select you may unenroll from the program by contacting us with the ASIN of the book you would like to remove.”

The Amazon web page doesn’t have that “first 90 days” clause; that’s from Selena’s Amazon rep by phone.  So caveat emptor etc.

As every app developer said to every venture capitalist at every meeting ever, this changes everything.  Well, not really, but it does make a big difference.

Just this morning I was saying I had to X out of KU ASAP, before my 90 day renewals got me locked in for 3 months of a potentially “bad” program.  Not anymore!

Now I’ve got options.  I’m still going to bail out on my shortest stories, the Kyles, and get them all up at other retailers, knowing that they won’t make any borrowbux under the new system anyway.  AND, I’m not locked in till 8/25 before I can post all of them elsewhere!

But, maybe I’ll keep Sam and Colum around till August 15.  If the rate is, say, an astounding whole penny, maybe it’s worth sticking around…?  If not, I’ve only lost 45 days’ income from other sources.

il_fullxfull.106207658It’s basically a shitty situation to be in right now.  For all I know, people read ALL of Colum’s Viking Captivity but only 10% of “A Little Too Broken,” so I’ll end up making more on that 36 pager than on that 150 pager…Only Amazon Knows For Sure…



  1. To say I don’t really understand this, is an understatement. But from what I can glean, writers and readers a like are going to suffer

    • It’s hard to predict…there’s no way to know the # of scam titles that will be pushed out of the system, and how much $$ that will shift to “legit” writers…if it’s a lot, then yay LOL.

  2. I understand what Amazon is trying to do but again the way they go about it will most likely run off writers and readers alike. I believe there is a purpose for all books in the program. As a reader, I started by reading your short stories, liked your writing style and went back to read your novels. If I had to pay for each short, I never would have tried some of my now favorite authors! Even though I have read a whole lot of crap to find them ;). Why can’t they just come out with a standard $ amount for every length of book up front (ex. $1.00 for short, $1.33 for mid and $1.66 for full length novels)?

    • I like your idea, a writer friend of mine just asked the same question…It would give writers a lot more peace of mind than having to wonder until the 15th of August what we made in July… I’m glad you mentioned my stories as a “gateway” to the novels via KU! It reminded me that there are other reasons to keep stories in the program, even if I’m gonna get killed on the royalties now.

  3. I started your novels first, then went back and picked up everything else. So I think it depends on the reader if it is a gateway. If someone has a tight budget, I can see it. I have a budget I don’t follow, so I buy what I want. If I want it, I buy it, food can wait.

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