27K words on “Werewolves of Brooklyn”! And a potential new cover…

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablanca WerewolfGIMPOldTimeOpera

So…what do you think?  Door #1 or Door #2?  The font on the left, Casablanca, looks more “period,” and I’m leaning towards it instead of the right, in Opera font.  I know, it’s probably suicide to deviate from the usual Werewolf Paranormal Romance Cover style.  And I may retract my decision and go back to my original cover.  But there’s something for standing out from the crowd, right?  Especially since, being a Vancedelay Industries production, it’s not the usual werefare…

But I love this guy, a nameless Civil War soldier from Westfield, New York, who I found online by Googling “Handsome Civil War Soldiers.”  Google Image Search reveals that someone bought this picture off Ebay in 2012 for $120, according to antiquesnavigator.com, but I can’t track the listing from their link. I’d totally buy it off someone’s hands, if I could track the buyer.

For me, this is King Albeus, 150 years ago.  This picture was serendipitously delivered unto me just after I found my inspiration for the Werewolf King, model Josh Mario John.  And I just…instantly had my backstory for him.  I mean, what do you think?

CivilWar1 TheKING

Right? Is this not cool?  I mean, it would be nice if I could juxtapose the two photos, but I’m assuming paying for a picture of a successful non-stock model would cost me, well, more than I’ll ever make off the book…

At any rate, the book is at 27k now.  50k feels like a mandatory minimum sentence count for the New Amazon Order…  Oh yeah and I’m totally done talking about that.  Fuck it.  All I can do now about the new system is write words words words…lots and lots of language, to provide plenty of profitable pages…

7 Comments on 27K words on “Werewolves of Brooklyn”! And a potential new cover…

  1. I like the Casablanca font too. And I sure see a very strong resemblance between the Civil War pic and your hot tatted-up model. I mean. Come on.
    It would be really cool if the contemporary pic melted out of the soldier pic. Hot.

  2. I like the Casablanca font. The tatted guy is so cool!

  3. Dude just write the damn story and get it out!! your public awaits!!! nice cover though 😀

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