Pushing 30k “Werewords”!

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablancaYeah, it’s flowing. It’s probably commercial suicide as a paranormal romance cover, but…I LOVE this cover. I’m 97.984% sure this is the one.

I really love this story – I hope this *stand alone novel* flies so I can write *sequels.* (I’ll never again put out a book 1 in a “series,” just to watch it die…)

There are four other members of the court besides King Albeus, so each of them (and their histories) could be expanded in subsequent  *stand alone novels.*  I need to make sure I get their origin stories lined up now, though – I had one of the court members coming to the Society as a refugee from the flyover states.  No, I don’t wanna do that because that would mess up his future backstory. I want to put all their origin stories in New York so I can mine the history of the city at different times…if the first one flies, of course.

I’m sitting on Marc and Jesse’s next story, just letting that simmer in the subconscious stockpot for a while.  I need “Strength in Numbers” to have the same exciting pace as “Lie,” and I’m thinking the backstory this time will be how Jesse formed his team, and began building his semi-criminal empire, right after he got out of prison.  Marc’s backstory is pretty much run up in the first one, unless I can concoct some business that he creates as a precocious adolescent, or some such that will actually add to the story… It’s all around Bitcoin and more cybercrime and it’s all very exciting, but I don’t have it coalescing in my head yet.  The werewolves were a perfectly timed break, really.

I’m trying to be Zen about the whole Kindlefuckery thing. It’s done, all I can do is pull the short-short stepfuckers out of Select and watch and wait on, well, everything else.

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