Cornucopia day! “Coming Out” under my legal name, a republished novel, KU V2.0 begins…

DPYeah, quite the day. I decided to come out of the closet and reveal my real name in my latest “Diary of a Smutketeer,” which you can read here, with all the reasoning behind it.

I’m republishing a novel I wrote as Orland, “Different People,” now available for pre-order here:

It’s been out of print for a long time and the publisher is out of business, so the rights are reverted to me. It’s been both taxing and educational, going through something I wrote 12 years ago.

Damn, I was verbose. I mean, I wouldn’t even use contractions. And the semicolons? Jesus, give me a break. Never mind the rants and digressions that only slowed down the story. Chop chop goes the Ctrl-X.

I realized that I’m now a better editor than many of the pros I’ve worked with. I’ve gone through this 125k book and have sliced out about 15k, without touching the meat of the story. If my writing income goes to hell under the new KU system, well, I have a bright future as an editor, if someone’s willing to work with the ruthless eye I’ve developed.

Fuck, it’s a dark book. I honestly don’t think it’ll sell. But, I ran the original through two TeamVance members who loved it, so…I guess other people have more of a stomach for “dark” than I do.

The crazy part is, I decided to reprint it the day before Amazon changed their system to “pages read.” And 110k is a hell of a lot of pages…

Speaking of which, the new KU reporting system is starting today, and there are some surprises. I mean, right, yeah, a few hours’ of reporting isn’t reliable. But so far? “Sam and Derek: The Whole Story,” of all things, is blowing the other titles out of the water in terms of pages read. So shit, what if novels AREN’T the new gold standard? What if I need to go back to writing action-smut? Well, I’ll do what I need to do.

A little bird told me that Amazon had no idea when they started the KU system that authors would be so agile in their response, that we’d write so many supershorts to cash in. Really? This is a BUSINESS, I am a BUSINESSMAN, and Amazon is Wal-Mart to my little word factory.

Of course I’m going to change my production line to suit Wal-Mart’s compensation scheme. I’m not Emily Dickinson, sitting in my attic penning poetry, with no thought of making money from my work, willfully hiding it from public view. I can’t afford to do that. Yes, I’m going to write what I enjoy, what I’m good at, but I’m going to focus on those product lines that pay my bills.

4 Comments on Cornucopia day! “Coming Out” under my legal name, a republished novel, KU V2.0 begins…

  1. i have just pre-ordered this—looking forward to how this compares to everything that I have read of yours.

  2. Ordered it. Oh Sam and Derek is selling because of my stellar review on Amazon. 😀

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