Is Amazon’s new “page count” REALLY counting back matter?

Hit and run today. I need some time to watch tennis and detach from all this. I’m definitely getting killed financially. What I don’t understand is how the Kindle Normalized Page Count is being calculated…


First off, the page count on the product page is…meaningless. I mean, all my novels have the same style, the same intentional short paragraphs and short chapters, but you can see that the variation between that count and the KENPC is between 118 and 189% different…

And what’s more, there’s an issue with the word counts. “Have a Little Faith in Me” is 4,000 words *longer* than “Given the Circumstances,” but the shorter book has 35 *more* pages in the new count.  Why? The styles are similar in all my books, dialogue-heavy, conformed to the “short paragraph and chapter” rules of ebook publishing…why the radical differences?

There’s only one thing that can account for the disparity – Amazon is NOT counting the pages at the end of the book, NOT counting the excerpts from other books as part of the readable pages.  An author I know was informed by a rep that ALL PAGES would count to the very end.

At the end of “Faith” I have an excerpt from “Lie,” and when I deduct that from the manuscript, I get 68,700 words. Then the variance suddenly makes sense.

GTC at 73700 / 408 Kindle pages = 180 words a “page.”

Faith at 68,700 / 373 Kindle pages = 184 words a “page.”

Houston, we have a problem.

2 Comments on Is Amazon’s new “page count” REALLY counting back matter?

  1. Andrea Taylor // July 3, 2015 at 8:10 am // Reply

    I’m not sure that back matter should count. Count a page once when I read the excerpt at the end of a book, and then again when I read the other book itself? Not to mention that I frequently page through back matter I’m not interested in to see if there is more that I am. Counting back matter would lead to authors gaming the game again by including huge amounts of back matter.

    • True, but an Amazon rep did tell Selena Kitt that it would count, which is the real issue I have with it…

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