At 42k Werewords, and GREAT NEWS on Bradiobooks!

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablanca2000 werewords this morning. This book is going to be 60k at least. Well, the longer the better, under the Novus Ordo Bezoseclorum, at least if I keep it moving at a clip fast enough to keep ’em reading to the end.

The battle scene I wrote today is at the McPherson Ridge railway cut, first day, Gettysburg. Man, it’s tough unpacking the accounts of the battle. Some will say the Union drove the rebels into the cut, others will say the rebels drove back the Union forces and deliberately took the cut as a defensive position.

Which is pretty stupid, right, putting yourself in a physical situation that looks like the picture below.  Even someone who finds himself visually confused when reading military history (thus Marc’s idea for an interactive tablet app in “Would I Lie to You?”) can see that this is Not A Good Idea.


I have to admit that I am shamelessly imitating Bernard Cornwell and his Sharpe books for my hero – Albeus is surviving the war by becoming a rule breaker, who gets shit done by ignoring the “gentleman’s” way of fighting a war. He’ll get promoted to officer by George Meade, who’ll appreciate his tactics, and will make enemies among his fellow officers for being unconventional.

I’m also just starting to read W.E.B. Griffin’s Marine Corps novels, starting with “Semper Fi.” It’s really quite good, another case of an enlisted man who’s far smarter than his officers, and I love that Griffin shares Cornwell’s irreligious sensibility. That atheistic tendency seems to be a thread in good military fiction…

So. GREAT NEWS. My audiobook experiment ended yesterday with my old laptop crashing from the weight of the sound file in progress. So I said fuck it, I’ll buy another cheap desktop for this, because I’m not hauling this desktop up and down the basement stairs. Which I guess means I’d committed to doing “Bradiobooks” for real, since I’m now -$350 on the project.

I posted this tidbit on Facebook and a professional audiobook narrator, Jason Frazier, reminded me about his services. I told him I was gonna try and do it myself, and pointed him at my free story on SoundCloud.

Shameless self promo:

Jason came back to FB and commented on it. “I like the quality, tone and texture of your voice. Great timbre. It’s also recorded well from a technical standpoint. Great job!”

Naturally I was OVER THE MOON. I knew I was on the right track with the encouragement I was getting from my fans, but…you know. When you’re a self-educated, self-taught DIY’er, there’s something about hearing from a professional that you’re doing it right that feels really, really good.

I’m rethinking using Audible (aka Amazon). A *seven year* surrender of my rights to them? I may just try and sell the books direct, you PayPal me, I email you. Not exactly sophisticated e-commerce, I know. More like a struggling band selling cassettes out of the back of the van kind of thing. But the more I look at Amazon’s business practices, the more reluctant I am to crawl any deeper into bed with them…

3 Comments on At 42k Werewords, and GREAT NEWS on Bradiobooks!

  1. Brad, I just listened to that audiobook promo. Nice. Okay, now that you’ve got me all hooked, I am gonna have to re-read that whole series. But I may wait til the book comes out in audio format….? Are you still deciding whether or not you’re going to finish this book in audio format?

    • Eventually:) right now I’m going to do the first Sam’s Reluctant submission story as my first one for sale…I’ll see how that goes and move on from there…

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