A new Bradiobook sample! 1/3rd of “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” on SoundCloud!

Not sure if this is my final-final version of this – I had to do a lot of work in production to get it to sound right (damn that Blue Snowball picks up all the snorts and huffs and blubs and glucks). I may rerecord for a final version, but, for now…here you go, a free tease of the first third of the story!

I like Sam’s voice but I’m wavering on Derek’s. I like him when he’s pissed or dominant, but not so much in normal conversation. I toyed with trying a light South African accent, which I’ve really only heard in “District 9” (“OK Prawns! Sign here! Cat food!”) but in the end I remembered how Keanu Reeves’ British accent sounded in “Dracula” and I abstained.

BusinessWeek had an interesting article on SoundCloud and its bid to be the “Facebook of music.” As you might expect, at some point there’s a chance that this free site becomes a paid content service. Honestly, that couldn’t come soon enough for me – I really don’t want to deal with Audible and let Amazon control even more of my income. I’m gonna start with the “cassette model,” like a rock band of yore selling their tapes out of the back of the van, offering the full “Sam” for $5. If I sell only, say, 100 Bradiobooks per title, well, shit, that works for me at this point.

I mean, what if The Miracle Day comes around after all, and I become a real true big ass success? (Don’t laugh, E. L. James started out in fanfic, remember…nobody can predict what future success looks like in this biz.) And then, what if my Bradiobooks are already subject to 7 years’ indentured servitude to Audible? And Lord Bezos modifies the royalty terms? Or what if SoundCloud goes into paid content and offers much better terms but I’m already bound to Lord Bezos on yet another platform? That would suck. (Now watch, Amazon will buy SoundCloud…)

Hey, said Miracle Day could happen…I was mentioned twice in comments on a post about KU yesterday, in which even Himselfness Hugh Howey was weighing in. (Repeating his take on the subject of winners and losers in KU, which is basically the song “Cell Block Tango” from “Chicago” – “He had it coming, he had it coming…”)

There were some pompous writer types who think erotica is all trash and smut and hardly to be mentioned in the same breath as Littra-chewa, and someone challenged other commenters to “Give me an erotica title with plot and characterization.” Yeah, as if this was going to be a really hard task.

Well, two commenters called out ME and “Colum’s Viking Captivity“! YAY FOR SMART SMUT! Naturally I responded with thanks and the hefty list of sites and books I used for my research, in the form of the acknowledgements from Colum IV:

“These stories involved considerable research, so my thanks tohttp://www.vikinganswerlady.com/, which is the veritable Encyclopedia Vikingia, http://www.middle-ages.org.uk, Robert Ferguson’s Vikings, Tre Tryckare’s The Viking, John Marsden’s The Fury of the Northmen, Gwyn Jones’ A History of the Vikings, The Cambridge Medieval History and many more sources. Episode IV is also indebted to Anders Winroth’s The Viking.

This series is also indebted to Bernard Cornwell’s “Saxon Tales” of Uhtred the Viking, especially for the stranger theological disputes of the era.”

Take that, Bembridge scholars!

Man, yesterday’s scene for “Werewolves” really wiped me out. I decided to forego a third battle scene at Spotsylvania for a couple reasons. First and foremost, it didn’t seem necessary. We’ve already seen Albeus evolve into a killing machine, then find redemption. I recently tried to read a novel called “Patient Zero,” about a zombie bioweapon. And it was good for a while, but then it had two long epic battle scenes smashed together and it was just…mind numbing. 50 pages of killin’ killin’ killin’ all just started to feel the same. Like the author didn’t dare stop the action between the two scenes, when really, he should have. I stopped reading, just…worn out by it. After that many pages of killin’ you just don’t give a shit, and you can’t even follow it. Well, I can’t.

And I need to keep the pace moving moving moving. Our new boss, Mr. Kenpc, is standing over us with a clipboard, watching to make sure we keep the pages turning if we want to get that sweet, sweet, ha’penny a page.

And, I need to FINISH this book soon. My income in July will be below my expenses for the first time this year. So pubbing a new title is critical. (Yeah, I repubbed “Different People,” an “Orland Outland” book, but I can’t bring myself to do any publicity on it – really, it’s so unlike “Brad’s” books that it’s just a curiosity for the hardcore of #TeamVance.)

I even went back and did a minimal edit on “Apollo’s Curse.” I realized that the beginning of the book was a bit slow, too many of the digressions that I was able to cull from “Different People” when I re-edited that. Even cropping 500 words out of the first chapter feels like it’ll get more people turning more pages and reading more of the book.

Yeah, busy days…

10 Comments on A new Bradiobook sample! 1/3rd of “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” on SoundCloud!

  1. Got my Different People. This sounds really good. I hope it sells big time.

    • Thanks 🙂 I doubt it’ll sell, it’s very narrative heavy, more telling than showing, MCs not on the page together all the time, all the things the one-star brigade will ding you for lol. But it was good exercise for me, going back and editing it down, cutting out 15% of the text and losing none of the story – that’s what made me realize I could be an editor, since I did a better job than some pros I know 🙂

  2. Your voice is hot. Nice work. Listening to you for a whole book = no problem.

  3. You might consider narrating for Audible as your voice is better than many they have on there, or at least, consider making yourself available to negotiate fees to narrating other self pubs or mm authors’ works.

    • Why thank you! xoxo. I think a lot of my ability to do these well is because these are “my words,” I’ve been over and over them as writer and reader, these are my characters talking – I’d have to be pretty selective in narrating other books, it could only be books I loved, where I really thought I could speak in someone else’s voice. Oh, and I really don’t want to work for anyone else 🙂 I can imagine the nightmare if I ended up with a writer who’s as ADD/controlling as I am!

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