Sam is FREE for two days only! And the Moon is Waxing!

SamsReluctantSubmission“Sam’s Reluctant Submission” is on FREEBIE the 21st/22nd only!

A good opportunity for me to cross-promote the Bradiobooks thing, and Sam and Derek: The Whole Story. I reserved the other three days of my freebie allotment for when I have my Shopify site (or whatever I end up using) all set up and ready to sell my Bradiobooks for reals. Right now I just need a little exposure/validation, so it’s a good time for a giveaway.

Steps1NEWAnd, I finally got over my nervous Nellies about repubbing “Kyle’s New Stepbrother” for fear they’d block it. I changed out the cover, added all the hot links to the Bradiobook version and the rest of the saga, and toned the blurb down just a tad in case that flagged my repub…and it went through! Whoo! (shh, that’ll go on freebie tomorrow!)

Yeah it was the new moon last week, no wonder I had no werewords, right ? 🙂 Today I got a lot of work done on the existing content. I infilled Darien’s day at the butcher shop, thanks to Adam Danforth’s “Butchering” books and Bill Buford’s “Heat.” I changed the potential fate of the Mechanics Library from disco to condos, and made it clearer that Duke Daniel and Albeus were lovers, and that there’s a world of pain there I can leverage in a potential Daniel story later. So, no “new words” but I’ve erased the nagging little things in the existing content that were dragging me down.


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