Four (working) days left to finish “Werewolves of Brooklyn”

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablancaYeah, I’m close. I’ve cut a few scenes out of the rest of the outline that aren’t needed and that were gonna slow the pace. Scenes which also, admittedly, made me tired, thinking about “how much more” I had to write to finish. I don’t have to pack it all into this book – look, if it’s a success, More Can Be Revealed in a later book, if it’s a failure, well then onward and upward.

So I have four scenes to write now, which will take the finished story to about 55k. And since, as always, I’ve been editing as I go, it won’t take much longer after that to finalize the story… Yeah, we’re on track for a pub date in the first week of August.

I had a moment of exhaustion this morning, that sense of O WHAT’S THE USE, as I watch my income shrinking. But it passed. Because I thought, well, what’s the alternative to this life, this particular package of permanent pressures? Back to the cubicle? Back to being berated for leaving, and I quote, “six minutes early,” when I did the work of ten men in a tenth of the time? Back to being shouted at by some manager trying to cover up their own failure? Back to gaining ten pounds every year sitting still all day, watching the clock, paid for my time and not my labor? No no no no no no no.

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