I Survived Black Wednesday! Doing OK in KU 2.0!

If, that is, we are correctly interpreting the Kremlizon’s cryptic message (about pages read in May and fund $ in May) to mean that payment will be .0056 a page. Yeah, it looked like the END OF DAYS on July 1st, hereforeverafter known as Black Wednesday by selfpubbers everywhere.

My income was cut in half on day 1, but, as of yesterday, has rebounded to the same income I had on June 30. And that’s with no “new” releases – the repub of Orland’s books has had a negligible effect on the total. Really, I discount the whole first week’s rise and fall as “Amazon fucking with shit and fixing software bugs.” Last # is today so far, so no, it’s not crashing.


I did a freebie on “Given the Circumstances” that’s heavily impacted its borrow pages. I’m not sure if that’s because people who have KU downloaded the freebie as a borrow, or if the higher rank/visibility got more people to borrow it. Here’s the chart for GTC, and circled in red is the first of two free days. So yeah, kids, the power of freebies!


I’m doing a freebie Saturday/Sunday on “Have a Little Faith in Me,” to see if this is an outlier, or if giveaways will always spike KENPages read. I thought about doing “Would I Lie to You?” but then realized that would queer the deal, so to speak, on my getting a LGBT BookBub for it in September – they don’t like it when you’ve lowered the price recently.

I made two erotica shorts free and not much happened. But there’s a software crawler out there that triggers an alert when a romance *novel* goes free – there was a shitstorm of Tweets about GTC when it went free. I’m a firm believer in short freebies, unless you’re giving away the first in a series to get ’em hooked.

This week has been about doing a copy editing job (still need $, “parity” with a slow month is still a slow month) and getting Bradiobooks.myshopify.com up and running. It looks pretty good:


Only two titles for now (and of course Kyle is a free listen on SoundCloud) but I’m legit. No more “back of the van” Bradiobook sales. I’ve had 41 viewers but no takers so far, other than me myself, to verify the system. But I need more content and, of course, I need to flog flog flog it. I’m really thinking about getting an intern from the Marketing department at the university, someone I can teach about the selfpubbing biz who can do the stuff I don’t do, the serious promotional shit with keywords and mailing list and web page and so on.

So, you’re asking, where are the werewords? Well, I’m hoping to get to them next week. I got “A Serious Person” edited and pubbed, and this week has been about the copy editing job ($$$!) and getting the Shopify store going. I just haven’t felt that exhilarated creative surge, and I WON’T phone in the rest of the book to “just finish.” There aren’t that many words left to do, but I want them to be good ones.

And, with my income trending upward again, I can *breathe* and not feel like I have to have to have to publish now now now. So, a couple more weeks before it’s ready to go…

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