IT…IS…DONE! “Werewolves of Brooklyn” FINITO!

AFT6000 words this morning, after weeks of paralysis…Honestly, I was waiting for the “wordfever” to take me – I didn’t just want to peck out something half assed. And sure enough, it got me today, and I just powered through the fight scene AND the sexin’ scene.

I’m sick of writing sexin’, TBH, and that put me off doing the climactic (so to speak) scene…and then I realized, HEY THESE ARE WEREWOLVES do you really think this is going to be ordinary human sexin’? Ah hell no. And then I got to go crazy with it and it’s HAWT.

So, it’s edits this week, which are mostly done – I’ve gone over and over it trying to get to where I could restart, so that’s 90% complete. I have to fix some of my Civil War errors, of course. I’m reading, off and on, “Gettysburg: The Last Invasion,” and it’s wonderful. I’ve finally found a way I can read military history, if it’s the right book. I cannot visualize the flanks and movements and who’s where when and doing what. But I just keep moving through the narrative, with my inner ear open for the stories of the participants, victims and bystanders, and the marvelous asides and humor that a good writer inserts into all this traffic. Really, it’s the human stories I’m looking for in any history I read, to hell with who flanked who how. I’ve also got “Crucible of War” going, by Fred Anderson, about the Seven Years War that was the run up to the Revolutionary War. He’s got great wit and style, too. Same for Max Hastings, whose war narratives always have plenty of human stories. Crappy history, to me, is all just chronologies of chess moves in cabinet meetings and on battlefields. Ho hum.

Next up is Adam Vance’s “Artifice,” long delayed and postponed by the presence of the wolf at the door – the aphoristic wolf of financial need that drove me to write lucrative-now Brad books instead of possibly-much-more-lucrative-later Adam books. And the literal wolf of this book, which was *supposed* to be a sexy short and then decided to be a 50k novel instead, thus bumping my schedule all to hell. (Oh and Black Wednesday disrupted my creativity for a while too.)

An “Adam” book is just the break I need – action, intrigue, excitement, adventure, etc. No more feels or sexin’s for a while!

Then, yes, back to Marc and Jesse for “Strength in Numbers.” I need to watch some old Thin Man movies so I can get re-inspired to give them some clever banter. I’m NOT going down that road that so many romantic series go, Oh Our Relationship Problems Over and Over LA LA LA. These guys are pretty solid as a couple, and the rest of their books are about their adventures – the adventure of their relationship, which of course has further to go esp. in the sexin’ department, and the ones they go on together to fight evil, defeat wickedness, and have a good time doing it.

Yeah. I feel like myself again.

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