“Werewolves of Brooklyn” going to print TOMORROW! And my new Gay Agenda!

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablancaYep, this time I ran it past some beta readers, and the acclaim is ecstatic and universal! Yes, I know how Trumpy that sounds. But #TeamVance loves it. I can only hope that means the rest of the world will, too. Alas, I’ve been in this biz too long now to let my delusions of affect take over the stage on release day – there’s just no accounting for what will or won’t sell.

The biggest and best lesson I’ve learned over the last three years of self-pubbing is that when you’re done with one thing, MOVE ON to the next thing. Don’t just sit there biting your nails and hoping that what you just finished will be successful. Because if it’s not, well, by the time that becomes apparent, you’re already working on the next thing, which might be successful, instead of crying in your beer and wondering why, why, o the humanity! And you’ve already transferred your irrational delusions and hopes to the new project. You’ve got to be like Jerry Seinfeld in “Bee Movie,” running into that window again and again: “This time! This time! This time!”

Private military contractor PMC with assault rifle

FJ One ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit!

So that’s actually a misleading title, since what’s next isn’t on the Gay Agenda at all. Yes, it’s Adam Vance time again, at last! Fuck I need a break from sexin’ and feelin’. Gimme some killin’ and some space battlin’ and some intrigue and some killer AIs and some world building and…yeah. That.

It’s a risk. The hope is that “Werewolves” will make some money, and Adam can receive a generous endowment from the Brad Vance Foundation to work on his long term plan for global science fiction domination. If “Werewolves” is a failure, well, shit, that would be bad because Adam won’t be raking in any cash any time soon. But, as Sam Bradley realizes in the Sam and Derek stories, “Life was risk. Or it wasn’t life.”

WouldILie2 NovelCoverAdam’s novella won’t take long, and after that, yes, it’s back to Marc and Jesse. I’ve been doing my Bitcoin research and letting that and the two of them percolate in my subconscious, while my conscious mind works on other things. I have no fucking clue consciously what the plot will be, just…something something Bitcoin something Leonid Chip Walt Revenge Nick and Nora banter kinky sexin’ (which I AM looking forward to writing, since Marc and Jesse’s sexin’ has such a mindfuck element to it that it’s not just Tab A Slot B Repeat). It’ll all come together – it always does 🙂


1 Comment on “Werewolves of Brooklyn” going to print TOMORROW! And my new Gay Agenda!

  1. I’m ready and wating

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