NO PROMISES but…thinking about another werebook…

hotvint42 (2)No promises because, you know, this is a biz. And if Werewolves of Brooklyn doesn’t sell (BUYBUYBUY), well, onward and upward. But…

I recently read “The Great Influenza,” about the 1918 flu pandemic. And, you know, wow. Talk about a cinema-ready story.  The flu became a pandemic for a number of reasons. The incompetence of most doctors, who required little or no practical education to start a practice. The Orwellian environment that Woodrow Wilson created during WW I, in which you could be arrested for criticizing the government or even just “harming morale” in wartime. (“Everybody’s doing their part! Would You Like To Know More?”) The heavy censorship that went with that, which meant telling the truth about the pandemic was “un-American,” which led to innumerable “no cause for alarm” articles that prevented more steps from being taken to ensure public safety. The endemic corruption in cities like Philadelphia that kept hack political appointees, who knew nothing about medicine or science, in charge of public health, and kept saloons open when movie theaters and churches closed, because there was too much money being made by the criminals who ran the city government, that nobody would shut them, no matter what the risk…

I mean, shit, you wanna talk about a gripping story! My pivot point would be a murder investigation that takes place in Philly, across the other threads of the story – a cop who’s trying to solve a murder/murders and how does he keep that going/keep his shit together, how does he get someone to care about a few murders when people are dropping in Black Death-level numbers, and all the national and local politics are arrayed against him? Pretty cool, right?

And I put it on my DOA list, which has a double meaning – they’re my delusions of affect, the projects I’ll be able to do when I’m Intergalactially Famous and everybody wants me for everything, but are also DOA in the common meaning of that acronym, because that ain’t gonna happen to a gayrom writer :). My idea was that it would make one hell of a ten part miniseries. That would be a vast challenge, indeed, to put together that many moving parts and flow it out over ten hours. But it would be fun to try.

But. Then I thought this morning…that the plan with any possible future werewolf stories is to anchor the characters in history, their backstories reaching far into the past. So…why not take that idea and run with it in, say…Werewolves of Philadelphia? Why not make the detective a werewolf, or someone like Darien in the act of becoming one…?

Again. Just thinking out loud. Y’all gotta go buy the first one and review it and love it all over the place and make it a success first 🙂

3 Comments on NO PROMISES but…thinking about another werebook…

  1. Awesome! Have you thought about demons and angels rather than werewolves? An angel who has fallen and is living as a human albeit extraordinary and he’s a detective. Sorry, but while reading the history above that’s where my mind went to. I’ve always been a huge fan of angels and demons stories or fallen angels. Especially when it involves gorgeous men. Please forgive me as I slink back into the shadows.

    • Why yeeess, I have thought about demons, or daemons, not canonical Christian demons – I wrote two books, Rob the Daemon and Phoenix Caged…alas, they didn’t sell, thus my constant caveats about promising a series I can’t deliver if it doesn’t make any $$$. But you might like those 🙂

      • Awww. Sorry about that.😔 What’s wrong with folks( myself included in that I didnt know they existed)! Who doesnt love a hot demon/angel story?!? Well I’ll have to remedy that and definitely buy them! They’re on my next book list as I’m in the middle of reading Werewolves of Brooklyn. 😊

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