I DID IT! Watch my book trailer for “Werewolves of Brooklyn”!

Yeah so I heard all about these lately, so effective blah blah. But most of them seem to just be a hazy background, neutral synthesizer music, and a few pull quotes, followed by a pic of the cover. Yawn. So I thought I’d try my hand at one, especially when I learned I could use my PowerPoint skills from my old life – timing out the animations to match the audio was a grind, but the whole process took me about three hours. Because I’m a genius 🙂 As I did in my Sinfully Sexy column on audiobooks, I’ll put together a tutorial later this week for y’all.

There may be a glitch near the end, but it’s not in the source video, I only see it on FB, so I can’t fix what I didn’t break… Don’t forget to click the HD button for maximum goodness!

Yeah, I had to embed the FB link; WordPress won’t let me upload a mp4 video for whatever reason.

My initial effort was instablocked by FB as a copyright violation, and TBH yeah I took a music clip off YouTube. FB must have some kind of Spotify-like cryptothingie that compares clips to a database, because I found a public domain version this a.m. (US Marine Corps Band) and there was no instablock… Spooky!

Of course it’s all for nothing as I published the book five days ago and I’m not rich so I’m doomed and shouldn’t bother and so on and so forth, post-pubbing depression being like the changing of the seasons I suppose, an inevitable part of life…


3 Comments on I DID IT! Watch my book trailer for “Werewolves of Brooklyn”!

  1. hey guy–did i miss the link to this?

  2. thanks! way cool. i have the book, just haven’t had the chance to get into it.

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