Here’s the Embedded “Werewolves” trailer! I’m for hire if you want one of your own!

Yeah, I forked out $99 to WordPress so I could upload video. I repubbed this, as the original was wonky on Facebook – nothing wrong in the MP4 on my PC, but for some reason it glitched on Facebook. So! If you’re an author who wants a book trailer like this one, I’m available for $100/finished minute, plus costs like clip art, non-public domain music, etc. That includes narration in my dulcet tones, of course!

I’m going to make another for Werewolves and then I’ll start a new services page. Brad’s just not making enough $, and I have to accept the reality that Brad’s books will not support me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed! So it’s “Adam Vance time” for the next few weeks, as I diversify my portfolio some more…

Yeah, that 1918 flu book idea, I’m gonna have to withdraw that as an idea for a werewolf book…it’s too good an idea to use it on a low-income book. I learned from “Lie” that I can do airport-thriller plotting and pacing, and I think “Derek Vance” might be my mystery/thriller avatar… SF and thrillers give me an avenue where I don’t have to do heteromance to be mainstream, which is good. Diversify diversify diversify…

2 Comments on Here’s the Embedded “Werewolves” trailer! I’m for hire if you want one of your own!

  1. The video doesn’t play for me.😩 I’m also on my phone as well. I’ll check it out on my laptop when at home. Halfway through Werewolves of Brooklyn. The trailer will be interesting to see.

    • Yeah everyone’s not liking this…guess I just wasted $99 on WordPress since they’re not hosting it efficiently…

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