Another Bezosteroid hits…Tradpub title now in KU and NOT Exclusive…

space_103111_002_617x416Yeah…so Simon and Schuster has a Vince Flynn novel in the Kindle Unlimited program. And guess what? Unlike us unwashed masses, the 1% on Tradpub Street don’t have to be Amazon-exclusive. It’s like…no, don’t say it…it’s like Jeff wants all of us selfpubbers who aren’t Hugh Howey or What’s Her Name With The New Adult Romances to…go broke and go away.

Do they have a side deal for the $ that doesn’t affect the KU pot? How would we ever know? The Kremlizon will never tell us. Maybe, if we’re lucky, one of the megastars of selfpub will reach out to their Amazon rep, who will deign to tell them, and they’ll pass it along. Regardless, it feels like someone bigger and stronger just shouldered me aside (and I’m 6’2″) and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I don’t have time to plumb the Future Meaning Of All This For Self Publishers, because I need to get back to earning my ha’penny a word, but…well…

We’ve all read about Amazon’s joyless corporate culture, and the Spencerian principles that ruthlessly thin out the herd at the mothership on a constant basis. You know that if that’s the internal corporate culture, that the same thinking applies to Amazon’s contractors (us) – survival of the fittest, and if you’re not at the top, you’re at the bottom.

Or as Amazon says to us every time something like this happens, “No… no… children… I know you’re trying to help but believe me, my mind’s made up. I’ve given this long and careful thought. And it’s medical experiments for the lot of you…”

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