September 2015

Marc and Jesse’s Itinerary Firmed Up!

September 29, 2015 // 3 Comments

(Note bigger pictures from now on because, duh, nobody but me reads on a computer anymore, and previous pix were tiny on a phone.) Yeah, so, the development of “Strength in Numbers” still isn’t at the usual speed of Mach Brad, but I’ve settled on Tokyo and Buenos Aires as my adventure/pursuit destinations for Marc and Jesse and Chip and Walt. (And Ryan, who, being a top escort, is of course always flying around the world, and whose travels therefore excite no undue attention from data sniffers…) I picked Tokyo, because so much shit has gone down there around Bitcoin, and of course they’re following the trail laid down by Bitcoin founder “Satoshi” – who’s probably not even Japanese, but still. The Divine Right of Novelists means that if a person conceals himself that thoroughly, I can make up a plausible version of him based on the record. Hey, if Newsweek (which, if you’ve never heard of it, used to be a news magazine, [MORE]

Outline (mostly) done on “Strength in Numbers”!

September 26, 2015 // 2 Comments

Early December looks like the pub window. Yes, Marc and Jesse have a wild ride ahead of them. I’m just not quite sure where yet. They’ll be pursuing the “Satoshi Hoard,” worth $234,000,000 as of today, staying one step ahead (and sometimes one step behind) Walt and Chip. The quest will take them from Andorra to Barcelona for starters, and then…hmm. Not sure yet. Lots of Da Vinci Code style running around, only, not in pursuit of a bunch of made-up cockamamie clues. Well, made-up, but not cockamamie. I’ve got the essential Bitcoin research done, from the Bitcoin history Digital Gold, along with plenty of articles on Bitcoin, Silk Road, Dark Web, Silicon Valley/Wall Street interest in the “blockchain” technology, government regulation/suppression of the currency, server farm mining operations, the $2.3 million pizza (at today’s rates), and much more. And yes, I’ve made my own little purchases of Bitcoin as a very long term [MORE]

The Bradish Empire Expands! Free CreateSpace template on my new page!

September 23, 2015 // 4 Comments This MS Word template for a 5×8 book has all the formatting done for you, along with complete instructions on how to insert your content and make your very own CreateSpace-ready interior content. (Or, as always, you can pay me to do it!) When I can, now that I’ve finally figured out how to do it, I’ll be putting up a screencast on how to do a *very basic* (i.e., what you see on my own ebook titles) CS cover in GIMP, a free graphics [MORE]

I Ace CreateSpace! All books in Paperback, and DIY Template coming soon!

September 22, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I put it off forever, partly because I had a F/T job and was overwhelmed by the obstacles. And damn, Amazon makes it incredibly difficult. I mean, as easy as it is to create a Kindle book, turn that on its head to get how hard it is to do a Createspace book. BUT! I am about to release a 5×8 book MS Word “template” y’all can use to do your own CS books.  And, I’m going to do a screencast at some point soon on how to use GIMP to create the, well, basic covers I use myself. They’re not fancy, but they’re A, free and B, not ugly. I think a lot of people can use that. I say “about” to release a template because, MS Word being the demonically possessed entity it is, it’s still fucking up my footers/page numbering, which I am endeavoring to make idiot-proof, no offense, for others to use *easily.* Or as easily as it can be… I used to do this instructional design stuff for a living, and I do like the work, when I can cut [MORE]

Bradzilla Has Left the Building!

September 21, 2015 // 22 Comments

Well, yesterday was *supposed* to be a day off, after I read a blog post, got bent out of shape, wrote my response, and then sauntered off to the couch to watch the Red Zone Channel and eat Maple Bacon Kettle Chips in a leisurely daze… Yeah, so, no. I ended up with 1,000+ viewers of the post as it went viral on Facebook. Clearly this touched a nerve. Nine people unfriended me on Facebook (thanks for the heads up, FB Purity!) but about that many also friended me in their stead. I was very careful to make my case without using the Secret Words of Power like “blackface” or “minstrelsy,” but, that’s basically what she was doing – appropriating a culture and then locking its creators out of it. I’m not the only person to see it this way. And, I’m not the only gay man to weigh in on this – Marshall Thornton had some good thoughts about catfishing here. It’s kinda sad and funny at the same time. Over the last three years, [MORE]

A response to “Josh Lanyon”

September 20, 2015 // 42 Comments

  [UPDATE 10:20 am 9/20: Apparently Josh has said that “women writers sometimes just…try too hard” and “much of the M/M stuff written by women doesn’t quite ring true to me.” Also, as of this time Josh’s Goodreads profile identifies Josh as Male.] I was going to say nothing about the recent revelation that “Josh Lanyon,” M/M writer and author of guides on writing M/M, is actually a woman. But the more I think about it, especially after reading “Josh’s” blog post, the more disturbed I am. If you’re seeing this preview on Facebook, well, you’ll have to click the link because I have a fairly long chain of reasoning here. I know that the majority of readers don’t care that “Josh” turned out to be a woman, for a number of reasons. First, there is the valid reason, oft discussed in this genre, that there’s no reason a woman can’t imagine man-on-man sex as well as a man can. True. I’ve written female characters, quite a [MORE]

Paperback of “Werewolves” coming up…and a French translation!

September 17, 2015 // 0 Comments

…with a little help from a friend on the cover. Createspace is without a doubt the most user-hostile content creation platform ever devised by an evil mind, especially when it comes to making your covers. I’ve had covers rejected because I couldn’t manage to place my content in just the right spot on the absurd PDF/PNG “template” they give you, because you were one pixel off, or your cover background exceeded the little dotted lines. Yeah, it’s totally like a coloring book where you get electrocuted if you color outside the lines. And their “cover creator” doesn’t let you delete the crappy bits they put in there and just, you know, replace them with a version of your Kindle cover, or do a simple task like fill in a background color eyedropped from said cover art, or fill white space with an extension of a pattern like, say Photoshop would do, or…well, anything. Oh, but you can pay them FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS to do it for [MORE]

Lotta research, few words…but worth it!

September 16, 2015 // 2 Comments

Only 400 words this a.m., but that’s because I visited (I tallied it) 144 web pages, learned what a .KMZ file is, downloaded Google Earth, and spent even more time whirling around Andorran hiking trails and clicking on user-submitted pics…just to find a hiking trail for Marc and Jesse, so they could talk privately. And, of course, find a place to have HOT OUTDOOR SEXIN’! Because I’ve spent simply pages and pages of not-sexin’ to open the book, and that won’t do 🙂 So they need to go off the trail and stop right around…here… Yes, kids, this is why it’s worth an hour of research to write three hundred words. See that big boulder at the top of the falls? Almost but not quite invisible from below? With that nice curvature on the back side of it, where a man like Jesse could recline, while another man like Marc serviced him, down on his knees in the cool running water… Mmm…. No, I will probably never be enormously [MORE]

No rest for the wicked! 5500 words so far on “Strength in Numbers”!

September 15, 2015 // 0 Comments

Scribble, scribble, eh, Mr. Vance? Yes, Adam Vance’s Artifice went to press yesterday, and there’s little I can do for now to help it. Given that I have no “presence” in the SF community as even a fan, given that I have no clue how to market it, given that I probably need a third installment anyway before I even try and sell the series, and given that $$$NOW is the priority for my industry and energy… Well, I have to see it like the Bitcoins I bought as part of my research for Strength in Numbers – as a long term investment that may or may not pay off, but that’s, you know, fun to play with anyway. So! Yeah. Strength is underway. I discovered a new writing method I really liked when working on Artifice. I’ve always had a solid outline, but now I’m writing the actual wurdz in shorthand I can build out later. Pick up right where you left off… Jesse on the table, waiting for “Erik” to come massage him. Maybe I should come [MORE]

Adam Vance’s “Artifice” is LIVE! Only .99!

September 14, 2015 // 0 Comments Start here with Scarcity, the first story in the series: Yeah, it feels good. Damn all if I know how to make it sell, but, I’m going to let it take its course for now… Here’s the post I’m flogging it with. Don’t forget you can support liberal radical secular humanist science fiction by pledging to support Adam at! This is a science fiction serial about what the colonization of other worlds might, and should, look like. It’s a post-abundance world, in which resources are scarce – no giant battleships or clomp-clomping mecha-soldiers, because those are, well, wasteful. It’s a look at war the way it’ll look tomorrow, not yesterday – wars fought less with humans and more with technology…you know, the way it looks today. It’s a hopeful look at what colonization could look like, if humanity learns its [MORE]