$70 to IAVA for August, $4,300 so far to Veteran’s Orgs from “A Little Too Broken”!

ALTBStickerThat’s 50% of “A Little Too Broken” royalties for August, so I didn’t split it this month. August sucks for book sales, as readers are on vacation doing terrible things to me like, you know, spending time with their families seeing the world, when they really should be staying home reading books. Honestly! And the last week of August was a total ditch for everyone I know re KU pages, as kids are packed off to school/college, and the reading budget $ go instead to Ikea and Target. Little bastards really bring out my inner WC Fields at times like this – “Do you like children?” “I do if they’re properly cooked.”

Seriously though! I really shouldn’t have pubbed “Werewolves of Brooklyn” in August. The received knowledge is that there’s a “30 day cliff” for books – if your title doesn’t make it to the top by then, you’re dead. This is why I’m poor, right? I need to get an intern from the university’s Marketing program to do all this stuff I’m not doing… I had a guy who was going to do a website, MailChimp etc. for free to build his new business, but…crickets.

BBKingBut, I may get an exception…For the handful of you who read this far, “Werewolves” is free Wednesday and Thursday, Thursday being my SEVENTH BookBub! I think L.A. Witt is my only competition for the crown of BookBub King, at least on the gay list. (I know, it’s not a competition, we’re all a community supporting each other and celebrating each other’s successes and yes yes that’s true but I’m a man and I like to win and besides it’s good to be the King.)

Free did wonders for “Given the Circumstances” last month, since for some odd reason a boatload of sites picked up the 0.00 price change and flogged it globally – the deal with freebies when you’re in KU is that KU customers still click that “read it free” button and you get credit for the KENPages. And of course as my guru says, “Visibility visibility visibility.” The name Brad Vance is the nail and Free is the hammer that pushes him through your earhole and into your brain, until one day finally you just see the name on the screen and say, Oh Yeah, Brad Vance, Click Click.

Anyway. Adam Vance totally promised like a million words this week to finish “Artifice” so we could move on to Marc and Jesse and, hopefully, better returns than the Werewolves are still getting. The Master Plan is still to transition out of gayrom…when you see certain books making it big and you read the Look Inside and there’s no research, no attempt to even try and make the fireman / cop / soldier / FBI agent even remotely realistic… He always just “runs into the burning building” to save the (surprise) little girl inside, and there’s not a single bit about how a fireman reads the fire or plans his entry into the burning building or what his equipment is or how he…never mind.

Well. At a certain point you realize, this is not my genre. Yes, #TeamVance wants realism. But most people don’t want realism, or even a shadow thereof, in their romances, or it wouldn’t be the case that books like that would be making so much bank…

If I do say so myself, Dane Gale said it best in “Apollo’s Curse.”

A lot of these stories were pretty much the same. You could practically cut and paste the plot from one to the next, none of them with any backstory or any detail other than, “Here’s Blaze, he’s a firefighter, he’s really hot and so are all the other firemen, they all live hotly together in a firehouse with their shirts off a lot but there’s nothing gay about it, here’s a fire and they put it out.”

So I can spend the rest of my life beating my head against the wall, or I can “transition” from Brad into Adam and Derek and who knows who else…

6 Comments on $70 to IAVA for August, $4,300 so far to Veteran’s Orgs from “A Little Too Broken”!

  1. Gee Debbie Downer, don’t know what to say. It’s always good to diversify, but I hope you won’t give up on romance totally, because in my op you do it very well. You fit what I am looking for, that’s why I have quit ready most of the cut and paste romances. I’m bored, it’s dull, it’s unrealistic. Werewolves is at the top of my best books ever list, but I am struggling to finish Apollo’s Curse, go figure. Well it takes all kinds. At least, I can get Jesse and Marc before you go off the deep end. 😀

    • Heh yeah I’m not jumping off the stagecoach just yet…”transitioning” is a long term plan while I build myself up in other genres, which means more than a few Bradbooks to come. But the galaxy rulin’ thing ain’t gonna happen for me in gayrom – don’t think I don’t appreciate the readership I have, but after three years I know it’s not going to get much bigger, alas…

  2. ditto JR’s sentiments 100%. I get so engrossed in your story telling I finish a book wanting more!

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