I PREDICT: What will kill Facebook is…Facebook

Yeah, so we’re all familiar with the brouhaha over drag queens on Facebook being hassled for not using their real names. And allegedly, Facebook has taken action to fix this. But I can tell you that any number of my Facebook fans/friends are constantly being harassed to “prove” their identities, and threatened with account shutdown if they don’t. Many of these folks are M/M authors or fans posting under fake names, who live in rural communities and need to conceal their real name, or who don’t want their families seeing what they post in their roles as fans of this genre. And while they’re harassed by Facebook, I’m still constantly bombarded with “Friend” requests from duckface girls and middle Americans whose profiles consist of nothing but a handful of family photos, all generated at a profile farm in the Philippines.

Then there are the people who are constantly going to “Facebook jail,” suspended for a week for posting pictures that “offended” someone who, like a Stasi informant or an anonymous Venetian denouncing an enemy for treason, need only push a button to announce their offended status…and remain “friends” with the denounced person, or remain a member of the group in which the offending content was posted (and probably exists just to host “offending” content), all ready to do it again.

People don’t leave Facebook because Facebook is a monopoly. “THE Facebook” was and remains its proper name. But. The level of harassment M/M authors and fans are getting lately is, I Predict, reaching a critical mass at which point people will leave Facebook for something else. There’s a point where it’s harder to stay than to go, and Facebook is pushing people in that direction.

Facebook, I predict, will soon face not a single competitor it can swat down or buy out, but a multitude of little competitors, social communities people will grow because they have to. Because like gay people in the bad old days, they were forced out of their towns and into the cities, where they made their own communities. And the towns left behind were the worse for it…

So what you’ll see is a diaspora. You’ll get MMBook.com for M/M authors and fans, and Dragbook.com for drag queens, etc. (Not exactly those names, since FB will sue anyone who uses the word “book” to describe a social site.)

And so, like those little small towns that booted out everyone who was different, and then dried up and blew away because nobody interesting wanted to live there, “The” Facebook will be populated only by those family fucking friendly folks Facebook fears offending, a Times Square of cheesy chain stores and boring people all looking at each other and wondering where the action is…

Facebook’s fatal flaw is that its only response to this criticism is not change, but only meaningless mealy mouth blah blah about Our Commitment To Diversity Blah Blah. And just as you’d think cops would spend their time trying to solve robberies and not harassing hookers, you’d think Facebook cops would be hired for the ability to actually read a profile and determine the difference between a spammer and an actual person. Like, you know, the absence of sunglasses ads. But that would require paying people to, you know, think and not just be trained to consult a binder and blindly cancel any profile that doesn’t conform…

2 Comments on I PREDICT: What will kill Facebook is…Facebook

  1. wish I had an answer. Ello is not making it for me yet, maybe it will be the place to be soon??? I’m long past the stupidness of FB, maybe it will go the way of MySpace

    • Yeah, I don’t see any of the “full replacement” competitors making it, I think it’s going to be microsites/specialty social networks that drain off the people FB doesn’t seem to want around…

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