Adam Vance finished “Artifice”! Help him out at Patreon!

ArtificeWritten, edited, and “cooling on the sill” with a couple of beta readers. Then it’s off to press. You can help the cause of liberal progressive secular humanist science fiction by pledging some $ to his project here at

And then, “Brother Brad” repossesses the keyboard for “Strength in Numbers.” And, I committed on Facebook yesterday to writing, eventually, another “Werewolves” story. Not sure about the who what where when why or how, but it’ll happen…

Money is tight, books are not selling, and right now all priority is being given to anything that’s $$$ NOW. I need to find more editorial work, and I’m putting myself out there as a researcher as well. I mentioned that skill in passing in my Editorial Services page but really, I should punch it up as a whole separate service…

This year, for existing or upcoming stories, I’ve already dug deep into cybercrime, grifting, cryptography, wolves, counterinsurgency, the Forever War (Iraq/Afghanistan), guerrilla warfare, Special Forces, the Civil War, old New York, the Great Influenza (Derek Vance, forthcoming), policing in America (Officer Joe, forthcoming), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (my gay princes book, forthcoming)… And I love doing it. Yeah, I need to punch up that service as a whole separate thing…

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