Scattered Werewolf thoughts, all out of order…

hotvint42 (2)…because Marc and Jesse are up next. But yes, there will be another Werewolves book. It’s not selling bank right now, but…the people who read it and love it? Are ca-RAZY about it. Which tells me that over time…it could be “a thing.” So, yeah, another long term slow fuse project I guess 🙂 Just my luck!



c8aae1784671e0141625da6e496efd21Most of the next one will be about Albeus in the Gilded Age, his initiation into the Brooklyn Court of that time, his fight to start his own empire and defeat the evil gangster and Tammany flunky John Morrissey, who’s only a shadow in book one. I don’t know if there will be any contemporary bits or not…if there are, they will have to tie in tightly with whatever’s going on in the past. Honestly, I’d really love to write a book that’s “just backstory,” all set in the past. That’s acceptable in paranormal, though – everyone loves an “origin story.”


MatthewVintageIt’s a bit aggravating, these ideas coming now just as I’ve got to focus on Marc and Jesse and the ultramodern cyberstuff, not on the 19th century and its robber barons, but, shit, these things come when they come…

4 Comments on Scattered Werewolf thoughts, all out of order…

  1. Anticipation!! For both stories’ continuation.🙌 So much appreciation for everything you bring forth. Thank you!

  2. Duuuuuuuude ! can’t wait for any and all of it

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