Lotta research, few words…but worth it!

Only 400 words this a.m., but that’s because I visited (I tallied it) 144 web pages, learned what a .KMZ file is, downloaded Google Earth, and spent even more time whirling around Andorran hiking trails and clicking on user-submitted pics…just to find a hiking trail for Marc and Jesse, so they could talk privately. And, of course, find a place to have HOT OUTDOOR SEXIN’! Because I’ve spent simply pages and pages of not-sexin’ to open the book, and that won’t do 🙂 So they need to go off the trail and stop right around…here…


Yes, kids, this is why it’s worth an hour of research to write three hundred words. See that big boulder at the top of the falls? Almost but not quite invisible from below? With that nice curvature on the back side of it, where a man like Jesse could recline, while another man like Marc serviced him, down on his knees in the cool running water… Mmm….

No, I will probably never be enormously famous, and people will probably not trek to this waterfall to “do it where Marc and Jesse did it.” But… you never know!

2 Comments on Lotta research, few words…but worth it!

  1. You tease, you!! 😉

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