Paperback of “Werewolves” coming up…and a French translation!

WerewolfGIMPOldTimeCasablanca…with a little help from a friend on the cover. Createspace is without a doubt the most user-hostile content creation platform ever devised by an evil mind, especially when it comes to making your covers. I’ve had covers rejected because I couldn’t manage to place my content in just the right spot on the absurd PDF/PNG “template” they give you, because you were one pixel off, or your cover background exceeded the little dotted lines. Yeah, it’s totally like a coloring book where you get electrocuted if you color outside the lines.

And their “cover creator” doesn’t let you delete the crappy bits they put in there and just, you know, replace them with a version of your Kindle cover, or do a simple task like fill in a background color eyedropped from said cover art, or fill white space with an extension of a pattern like, say Photoshop would do, or…well, anything. Oh, but you can pay them FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS to do it for you. Which is probably why they make it so hard to do it yourself.

So I haven’t bothered with any of my titles in some time, mostly because I sell approximately zero paperbacks a month, so it’s really not worth the headache.

But…with “Werewolves” picking up steam, and OH YEAH being translated into French early next year, I just think…I should. I’m a delusional person, obviously, I’ve been sure that I’ve been on the cusp of intergalactic success for, what, ever? But I just have a feeling about this one…

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