I Ace CreateSpace! All books in Paperback, and DIY Template coming soon!

CSAvailableYeah, I put it off forever, partly because I had a F/T job and was overwhelmed by the obstacles. And damn, Amazon makes it incredibly difficult. I mean, as easy as it is to create a Kindle book, turn that on its head to get how hard it is to do a Createspace book. BUT! I am about to release a 5×8 book MS Word “template” y’all can use to do your own CS books.  And, I’m going to do a screencast at some point soon on how to use GIMP to create the, well, basic covers I use myself. They’re not fancy, but they’re A, free and B, not ugly. I think a lot of people can use that.

I say “about” to release a template because, MS Word being the demonically possessed entity it is, it’s still fucking up my footers/page numbering, which I am endeavoring to make idiot-proof, no offense, for others to use *easily.* Or as easily as it can be…

I used to do this instructional design stuff for a living, and I do like the work, when I can cut loose and not be so deadly boringly seriously dry and drab about it, when I can make jokes in the content, have fun with it, etc.

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