The Bradish Empire Expands! Free CreateSpace template on my new page!

This MS Word template for a 5×8 book has all the formatting done for you, along with complete instructions on how to insert your content and make your very own CreateSpace-ready interior content. (Or, as always, you can pay me to do it!)

When I can, now that I’ve finally figured out how to do it, I’ll be putting up a screencast on how to do a *very basic* (i.e., what you see on my own ebook titles) CS cover in GIMP, a free graphics program.

4 Comments on The Bradish Empire Expands! Free CreateSpace template on my new page!

  1. Brad,
    I’ve made many of my own ebooks and it is very simple. I create my text for the entire book and save it as an RTF file. I don’t have any blank lines between paragraphs. Then I use (FREE) Calibre and click on “Add Books.” I insert the RTF file. Then I click on “Convert book” and I choose EPUB format, although MOBI and other formats are available. In seconds the book is formatted. It does add a blank line between paragraphs. Then I click on “Convert metadata” and add the cover of my choice. Calibre also allows editing, but I like to use the older program Sigil, version 7.4

    • Thanks, Ken – this is for the paperback version of a book, through Amazon’s “Createspace” tool…a much bigger hassle than just submitting an ebook for Kindle, unfortunately…

  2. Brad,

    You are such a kind, giving, sensitive person. Many people wouldn’t think of sharing something as useful as the 5×8 Word Template to make it easier for others to publish their books in paperback.

    Thank you for the million ways you enrich all of our lives.

    Jack (AKA Brad Ford) Hagin

    • Thanks, Jack! My pleasure – after all the work it took me to figure it out, I’m glad to save anyone else some of the grief 🙂

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