Outline (mostly) done on “Strength in Numbers”!

StrengthEarly December looks like the pub window. Yes, Marc and Jesse have a wild ride ahead of them. I’m just not quite sure where yet. They’ll be pursuing the “Satoshi Hoard,” worth $234,000,000 as of today, staying one step ahead (and sometimes one step behind) Walt and Chip. The quest will take them from Andorra to Barcelona for starters, and then…hmm. Not sure yet. Lots of Da Vinci Code style running around, only, not in pursuit of a bunch of made-up cockamamie clues. Well, made-up, but not cockamamie.

I’ve got the essential Bitcoin research done, from the Bitcoin history Digital Gold, along with plenty of articles on Bitcoin, Silk Road, Dark Web, Silicon Valley/Wall Street interest in the “blockchain” technology, government regulation/suppression of the currency, server farm mining operations, the $2.3 million pizza (at today’s rates), and much more. And yes, I’ve made my own little purchases of Bitcoin as a very long term investment, and it makes the research more fun and engaging now that “it’s personal.”

I’ve got a pretty good amount of cryptography/cryptanalysis info from The Code Book – at least, as much as I can comprehend myself. When he got to the secret recipe for RSA encryption, I got totally lost in the math, and realized I’d hit my personal comprehension limit on that. I’m a Humanities guy, which is fortunate for the book, I think – a math dude could easily get carried away and cram in some really plot-stopping info.

I’ve got the hot sexin’ planned out, and the overall structure (and YES, Ryan returns in this book!). But the “chase” is the hardest part – creating the pieces of the puzzles that Marc and Jesse must solve in a way that’s A, interesting, B, convincing, and C, not overwhelming. Which also requires researching the various places they land around the world, at least at a high level. And TBH I’m taking my time. I know! Me, Mr. Mad Dash! What the fuck!

Well, shit, “Adam Vance” did just publish a 30k story less than two weeks ago. And I’m doing more paid editing work, which is great – it’s really taking the edge off that knife that Amazon’s been holding to my throat since mid-June. The more I make from other ventures, the less tense I am about run run running to publish another book because money wolf door. Which means not only that the book can be better, but that writing might be…omigod…really fun again.

As for Bradiobooks…well, they’ve been on hold. I’ve come to realize that I can only partly avoid The Evil Empire on audiobooks. People are addicted to ease – pick up phone, click app, click Buy. Whether that’s books, audiobooks, scented candles…you can’t fight it. My only option long term appears to be a non-exclusive deal with Audible/Amazon, which at least gives me the freedom to sell them elsewhere. Otherwise…Amazon has them exclusively for…Seven. Years. Yeah, right. Things can completely upend in the digital content business in six months. Imagine creating a MySpace profile, and then Facebook comes along, but you have a contract with MySpace not to move to Facebook for seven years…

The ads I did on Facebook for Werewolves of Brooklyn were useful if only for the data – about 90% of people “reached” by the ads were on tablets/phones…only 10% on desktop. And they’re probably fucking around at work :). Seriously. 8 to 5 is the prime viewing time for most of my author page posts… So, ZIP files are right out as far as creating audiobooks that way, since that only works on a PC.

There are tools to create actual audiobook files, and I need to get on that. But TBH, right now, I’m overwhelmed with what’s already on my plate. #1 priority is paid editing work, #2 is writing more content, and that makes audiobooks #3 because it’s a long term and uncertain investment, and it’s incredibly time-intensive to record and edit content.

It’s one of those Catch-22 situations – I could do so much more if I could hire a little helper, but I need to do more to afford a little helper, which I can’t do without a little helper… Also, for a certain amount of time, that would give me *less* time – I’d have to train him/her, and then I’d have to check their work so thoroughly for so long, to see if they’re doing it right, that I might as well be doing it myself…

At any rate. Things are movin’ and I’m not stressin’. Well, not too much.

2 Comments on Outline (mostly) done on “Strength in Numbers”!

  1. Dude I love the way you are so whacked. 😀 Patience “grasshopper” it will come. Meanwhile back at the ranch. Marc and Jesse are waiting for supper with me. I told them it’s a Christmas present. They said, “s’okay”. Keep on keeping on, my man

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