September 2015

Scattered Werewolf thoughts, all out of order…

September 13, 2015 // 4 Comments

…because Marc and Jesse are up next. But yes, there will be another Werewolves book. It’s not selling bank right now, but…the people who read it and love it? Are ca-RAZY about it. Which tells me that over time…it could be “a thing.” So, yeah, another long term slow fuse project I guess ūüôā Just my luck!     Most of the next one will be about Albeus in the Gilded Age, his initiation into the Brooklyn Court of that time, his fight to start his own empire and defeat the evil gangster and Tammany flunky John Morrissey, who’s only a shadow in book one. I don’t know if there will be any contemporary bits or not…if there are, they will have to tie in tightly with whatever’s going on in the past. Honestly, I’d really love to write a book that’s “just backstory,” all set in the past. That’s acceptable in paranormal, though – everyone loves an “origin story.”   It’s [MORE]

Adam Vance finished “Artifice”! Help him out at Patreon!

September 12, 2015 // 0 Comments

Written, edited, and “cooling on the sill” with a couple of beta readers. Then it’s off to press. You can help the cause of liberal progressive secular humanist science fiction by pledging some $ to his project here at¬† And then, “Brother Brad” repossesses the keyboard for “Strength in Numbers.” And, I committed on Facebook yesterday to writing, eventually, another “Werewolves” story. Not sure about the who what¬†where when¬†why or how, but it’ll happen… Money is tight, books are not selling, and right now all priority is being given to anything that’s $$$ NOW. I need to find more editorial work, and I’m putting myself out there as a researcher as well. I mentioned that skill in passing in my Editorial Services page but really, I should punch it up as a whole separate service… This year, for existing or upcoming stories, I’ve already dug deep into cybercrime, [MORE]

The Puzzle Solved…and what “Hacking” REALLY means!

September 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

Congratulations to commenter kibblemom who figured out the “stock trade message” yesterday! The code used is one of the oldest in existence. The “Caesar Cipher” is named after Julius himself, who used it to code his messages. A¬†“Caesar Shift” takes¬†any letter in the alphabet and adds (or subtracts) a certain number of letters. In a cipher with a single “key” you could type AQZC, use a forward shift of 1 as the key, and you’d get BRAD. In the “stock puzzle” below, each purchase has a different shift. Take the first digit of the number of shares purchased, and shift the first letter of the stock symbol. “Pass Go” back around the alphabet if you add, say 1 to Z to get A. Buy¬†400 shares of NETE. N + 4 = R Buy¬†400 shares of AEZS. ¬†A + 4 = E Buy 100 shares of REXX. ¬†R + 1 = S Buy 200 shares of CLNE. C + 2 = E Buy 400 shares of WRES. W+4 = A Buy 300¬†shares of OHRP. O+ 3 = R Buy 100 shares of BIOS. B + 1 = [MORE]

The Unbelievably Crappy “Hacking” in the new “Dragon Tattoo”

September 10, 2015 // 9 Comments

So…I started “The Girl¬†In the Spider’s Web” yesterday, and oh my God the level of crappiness¬†when it comes to the computer hacking bits… Yes, believe it or not, my¬†kinky gay romance cyberthriller “Would I Lie to You?” has more legitimate hacking scenarios in it than this book from a gigantic publishing house, which¬†you would think would carve out some few dollars from its gigantic marketing budget to pay¬†someone, anyone, to vet the tech… So the whole idea is that Lisbeth Salander is so brilliant she can hack the NSA’s systems. Okay, fiction, I’ll allow it, regardless of how preposterous it sounds. My arms, however, are crossed and my scowl is in place. Prove to me that it’s possible. So, right away, the level of dumbness¬†starts to rise.¬†The author has Lisbeth running two computers in her house, one of which was a “test machine” on which she…are you ready? “…on which she had installed [MORE]

Adam Vance has a Crowdfunder on Patreon!

September 8, 2015 // 0 Comments

  Yes, you can help “Little Brother” Adam Vance by donating to his crowdfunder here, or just read more about the Scarcity universe and the Swiss Family Vance master plan… Thanks to Christina on Facebook for tipping me off to this¬†:). Adam is a¬†long term project, since it takes a lot of traction to get visibility in the SF field, and a financial boost to his prospects would really¬†help jump start my Galaxy Rulin’ project.¬†Many of you writers know that I’m pretty approachable about requests for info or guidance, and of course that would be something Adam would do in his turn should The Universe be so good as to give him a leg up… So in the very long run, you wouldn’t just be helping me [MORE]

Adam Vance is almost done…Marc and Jesse on the launch pad!

September 7, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah, so I have a pretty good overall plot for Strength in Numbers.¬†Still some more research to do, but it’s getting there. Adam Vance is finishing up the first draft of¬†Artifice this week, so “Brother Brad” will be back in the saddle. Moving into science fiction and mainstream thrillers are all part of the Swiss Family Vance’s master plan for world domination! I know, I know, how much I’ve raged against the word “excited” as used by, well, anyone. Every crappy thing any corporation does is an “exciting change/announcement/new product.” It’s surpassed “challenge” as the most overused and empty word in the language. That said! I am, um, stoked! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Stoked about Strength in Numbers. It’s got Bitcoin, it’s got cryptography, it’s got action and adventure and bang bang pow. It’s going to be fun to write. No angst in this one to cause me grief! (I always say that, and [MORE]

I PREDICT: What will kill Facebook is…Facebook

September 5, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah, so we’re all familiar with the brouhaha over drag queens on Facebook being hassled for not using their real names. And allegedly, Facebook has taken action to fix this. But I can tell you that¬†any number of my Facebook fans/friends are constantly being harassed to “prove” their identities, and threatened with account shutdown if they don’t. Many of these folks are M/M authors or fans posting under fake names, who live in rural communities and need to conceal their real name, or who don’t want their families seeing what they post in their roles as fans of this genre. And while they’re harassed by Facebook, I’m still constantly bombarded with “Friend” requests from duckface girls and middle Americans whose profiles consist of nothing but a handful of family photos,¬†all generated at a profile farm in the Philippines. Then there are the people who are constantly going to “Facebook jail,” suspended for a week for [MORE]

BookBub is ON! One more free day for “Werewolves of Brooklyn”!

September 3, 2015 // 4 Comments And I gotta say, they fookin’ nailed the blurb this time. I wrote them a very nice letter after the “Have a Little Faith in Me” BB, which was somewhat disappointing – part of the reason, I thought, was that the email blurb didn’t mention the “rock star” angle, just presented the book as “Rocky’s out and Dex is closeted, can their love make it…” Kind of blah, right? “A generic bowl of romance flakes” is how I described it in said¬†very nice letter :0 Well, as you can see, this blurb¬†hits every mark. Huzzah for the [MORE]

“Werewolves of Brooklyn” FREE for TWO DAYS!

September 2, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yep, in advance of tomorrow’s BIG BOOKBUB, the freebie is on…partly because this boosts the free rank in time to look more impressive to BookBubbers tomorrow, and partly because I’m paranoid, and want to make sure that it’s really truly free tomorrow, which I can’t be sure of unless I see today that Amazon’s really doing what I told them to do… [MORE]

$70 to IAVA for August, $4,300 so far to Veteran’s Orgs from “A Little Too Broken”!

September 1, 2015 // 6 Comments

That’s 50% of “A Little Too Broken” royalties for August, so I didn’t split it this month. August sucks for book sales, as readers are on vacation doing terrible things to me like, you know, spending time with their families seeing the world, when they really should be staying home reading books. Honestly! And the last week of August was a total ditch for everyone I know re KU pages, as kids are packed off to school/college, and the reading budget $ go¬†instead to Ikea and Target. Little bastards really bring out my inner WC Fields at times like this – “Do you like children?” “I do if they’re properly cooked.” Seriously though! I really shouldn’t have pubbed “Werewolves of Brooklyn” in August. The received knowledge is that there’s a “30 day cliff” for books – if your title doesn’t¬†make it to the top by then, you’re dead. This is why I’m poor, right? I need to get [MORE]