$4,330 to date to IAVA and other Veterans’ Orgs from “A Little Too Broken”!


Yeah, I like to see that two year total, especially when September was only good for $35 to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. September was a pretty bad month for Vancedelay Industries in the book sellin’ division. This is the first month since going full time that I only “made parity” with my monthly bills thanks to my editing income.

Now, that said, here’s the deal for October. “A Little Too Broken” will be a BookBub featured book next week, at .99. However…it cost me $170 to list it. So, because my income is total shit right now, I’m going to have to cut that $170 off the total income from ALTB before I donate the 50% royalty for the month. So if it brings in $500 in royalties with the promo (that randomly assumes 1500 .99 sales), I have to recoup that $170 first. Because that was about 10% of my writing income last month…

Y’all know I’ve had a lot of months where I’ve donated 100% of the royalties from this book to IAVA, Puppies Behind Bars and (previously) Wounded Warrior Project. Total income on this book has been $6,100, $4,330 of which has been donated… It’s Hard Times in Bezosistan right now…

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