LAST CALL for KU Borrows on all my novels!

Yes, in the next month, all my novels will be leaving the Kindle Unlimited program. The numbers are in, and it’s obvious that there’s little sense in my remaining in the program. My sales last month came to $750, and my pages borrowed totaled $900… So in exchange for exclusivity with Amazon, locking out the increasingly lucrative iTunes/iStore market as well as other international platforms, I’m making less and less on borrows. I got $1500 in borrowbux in July, the first “ha’penny month,” followed by $1700 in August, then $900 in September, and I’m on track this month to make about $800 on borrows…

So let’s break it down. If I make $2.80 in royalties on a $3.99 book, all I have to do is sell another 300 copies of all novels over all platforms, including Amazon, to make up the “loss” in borrowbux. And some of these novels have never been offered anywhere but Amazon. I’m sorry to do this to those who are on a fixed income and rely on that $10/month sub to get their books, but…I’m swirling the drain here. We’ve seen that the ‘zon is pretty set on paying that ha’penny a page for the long term, so it’s clear who it’s going to benefit and who it’s not…

Really, I have nothing left to lose now by trying something new. So…if you’re a KU subscriber, here’s your “last call” sheet. You have to borrow the book by the following dates (you have forever to read it, I’ve seen with previously exited titles):


“Scarcity,” Adam’s title, just came out today, and I just missed the deadline for the erotica shorts…I’m not sure if we can still request exits now or not, since we’re out of the grace period we had in the first 90 days of the new program. And there’s no point in taking the “Steps” out because I tried that and they were blocked everywhere 🙂

So…if you’re an iPhone/iTunes user, or still have a Nook, or just hate Amazon, get ready, cuz here I come!

5 Comments on LAST CALL for KU Borrows on all my novels!

  1. I only buy books, so this has never effected me. Glad you are branching out

    • Thanks! It made sense to stay in KU when I was making bank on borrows, then it made sense to stay in to wait and see how the new system shook out, but…now this makes sense. Adapt, adapt, adapt…

  2. I am not clear on what’s gonna be happening—will I still be able to get your ebooks from Amazon, (just not from the KU program)?

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