LAST DAY to start reading four of my KU novels!

You must START these books today, the last day they’re in the KU program. Once they’re started, you have some indefinite amount of time to finish them, and I’ll still get credited. But if you don’t start them today, they’re goners.

A Little Too Broken:

Given the Circumstances:

Apollo’s Curse:

The Worst Best Luck:

Naturally, now that I’m starting my exit, my KU pages are spiking just now, a positive uptick from the “Broken” BookBub on 10/6. (Last dot is today so far.)


Which of course provokes an existential crisis I had to ponder this weekend. Most of this spike is just pages from “Broken,” since I get credit for borrows when people click on a freebie that’s in KU:


So the Great Question is, have I made a terrible mistake, should I stay in KU after all? After long pondering, the answer is…Not Now, No.

First off, these are older backlist titles. “Broken” is an outlier because of the BookBub bump. None of these titles was doing anything stellar in the borrow department before that.

Secondly, “going wide” is the new thing. More authors are abandoning the Amazon-exclusive thing as they see less and less benefit from being ‘zon-only. (Ironically, Chairman Bezhnev’s new KU system may undermine his Five Year Plan to drive other ebook retailers out of business – the less appealing it is for the 99% to be exclusive to Amazon, the more other sites will offer a wider choice of books and authors, sustaining their relevance and income…unless of course there’s been a Secret Speech in which the whole plan was to drive out the 99% in the first place…)

Thirdly, it’s possible that sales could rise on these books at Amazon if they go out of KU. If people want to read my books, well, shit, $3.99 is not a lot to spend on a novel.

Finally, the biggest decision influencer: the 90 Day clause in Select.

See, if I go wide, and four weeks from now, I’ve sold jack shit and lost more KU income on those titles than I’m making on other sites, I can reverse my decision, unpublish them there and put them back in KU.

But. If I recommit *today* to 90 more days in Select for these books, and the borrows crash back to earth…I’m fucked. I’m out 90 days of potential income from Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play, etc.

If Amazon were to reduce the Select period to 30 or even 60 days, it would make Select a less risky proposition for authors, but, hey, an author-centric decision at Amazon? That sounds like I’m taking crazy pills, right?

So there it is. On the 14th, you’ll be able to buy the first round of my novels on other platforms once again. And in the coming month, I’ve got Select expiration dates on (!) three novels that have never been offered anywhere but Amazon – Would I Lie to You, Have a Little Faith in Me, and Werewolves of Brooklyn. Which lets me hedge my bets – these books don’t start coming out of Select until the 21st, so if I sell, say, zero copies of the other books, that may influence my decision making.

This is a business in constant flux. One day someone publishes a “How To Succeed” book that talks about how great Facebook ads are, and it’s true that day, and the next day that’s all wrong. One day there’s a genre that everyone is buying, and the next, forget about it. One day a first novel with no promo (that we know of, people lie about that to look less calculating) will hit the top ten on release day. Nobody knows anything right now seems to be the consensus.

So it’s a risk, making a change. But it’s a risk not making one, too. It’s a fuckton more work to manage content on multiple platforms, but, if it’s either that or a return to Cubicle City…well, there it is then.

4 Comments on LAST DAY to start reading four of my KU novels!

  1. I purchased all of those. Even when I knew they were available on KU. Including Sam and Derek’s whole story. The price should have been higher for them, they’re worth every penny and more. Any time I see a story with your name on it, instant purchase!

  2. To be honest because you are a favorite author of mine I purchased all the books I have from you. I was never sure how the whole KU thing worked from an author’s perspective but I do know “big company+free to read books” must mean someone is getting screwed somewhere.

    • Yeah, it USED to be good for authors, and must still be for the 1% at the top, but not for the likes of me anymore… It’ll be interesting to see if I make more sales on Amazon now that the books can’t be borrowed…

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