Halfway thru “A Great Prince”! And feeling justified in my Marc and Jesse delay…

Senior woman using computer

Yeah, it’s moving. It’s fun, it’s…a nice break. I’m too ADD to do the same thing all the time forever anyway. And at 40k estimated final count, it’s really more like a movie treatment than a novel, I suppose (Hello, Hollywood, Hello!).

And delaying Lie #2 till I have a solid puzzle/plot just got validated, by an episode of “The Good Wife” I just saw, revolving around Bitcoin. OMG was it hilarious!

Okay, first off, I just discovered this show, and man is it GREAT. My life right now pretty much consists of bingeing on it, and I got to the middle of season three last night, and the Bitcoin episode. Now, this show is really smart, clever, and accurate as far as the law goes. But…someone was in a bit (heh) of a hurry on this one.

It starts off with the Treasury Department trying to arrest someone for creating the currency (plausible). But then it runs off the rails. The Treasury guy makes his case: “Bitcoin has incorporated, here are the incorporation papers…Bitcoin has subcontractors, computer entrepreneurs who supply animation or random coding.”

Okay, first of all, Bitcoin was never and could never be “a corporation.” The essence of Bitcoin is that it’s a peer-to-peer, distributed network of databases (blockchains) that have the current info as to the state of the currency – how much is in what “wallet,” what the latest transactions are. Sure, there are now corporations who buy and sell Bitcoin and try to make a buck off the underlying technology, but that’s hardly the same thing as Bitcoin, Inc.

I was laughing at the idea that people who do “About Bitcoin” animated videos were “subcontractors” to “the corporation,” and let’s never mind people who do “random coding.” Umm…just how random would the coding be? And people who contribute bug reports and fixes are hardly doing something “random,” are certainly aren’t getting paid for it.

Then, it turns out there’s a secret text message embedded in a blockchain. “Your honor, the time code on the embedding of this new block of Bitcoin, embedding that only could be put there by Bitcoin’s inventor, was at exactly the same moment Mr. Stack was in court…”

Umm…I am pretty sure that the blockchain is not something into which you could slip a text message. Then this came next, which I know was wrong.

“Which means nothing, Your Honor, it’s the easiest thing in the world to arrange for a delayed embedding, and in fact if you were trying to establish an alibi, wouldn’t you delay the embedding for exactly the moment you were in court…”

Umm, no. The blockchains are updated what, every ten to thirty minutes? Again, I’m still in the middle of my research, so I’m not sure, but I DO know that you can’t just slip it a time-release mickey.

Then a character testifies. “Yes, I was one of the subcontractors hired to do computation work, I didn’t know it was Bitcoin.”

“Computation Work,” yeah, there’s a lucrative profession! I think I’ll print me up a degree – a PhD in Computation Work, from the University of Internet!

And of course they find the creator of Bitcoin…no spoilers, but given their scenario, I hardly feel like they stole my thunder.

So yeah. I felt good that I had enough technical sophistication to burst out laughing at the dialogue, but…it also reminded me that I need more time and thought to come up with One Hell Of A Viable Plot. And that takes time, to think and research and wait for inspiration to click in, which I know it always does, once enough data’s been fed into The Machine.

And time costs money. So doing the Prince/ss story right now feels more right than ever. I WANT to write Marc and Jesse. It’s just that we can’t always do what we want, right now. I am a single man, no hubby, no partner, no other income provider in my household. I have no day job. This is it.

I really am enjoying Nikolas and Francesca, and you know I’m being transparent with you, as always, when I say that yes of course I’m doing it for the money. When I hear people say “O All This Talk Of Filthy Lucre He’s Just Greedy,” I want a law that subtitles all these statements with the speaker’s annual household income, medical expenses, etc. before they can Weigh In on someone else’s motives.

You know me. You know when Strength in Numbers is ready to be written, it’ll be good. It’ll be accurate. It’ll be fun. So, bear with me while I literally buy time…

2 Comments on Halfway thru “A Great Prince”! And feeling justified in my Marc and Jesse delay…

  1. I’ll buy it because you are one hella writer. Whether I read it is still up for debate.I got no problem with the way you earn your money. I hope it sells a billion copies and you are the next Barbara Cartland(spelling). For those of us who love Werewolves and Marc and Jesse, throw us a bone once in awhile

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