“A Great Prince,” CreateSpace cover video, and “Brokenbux”!


It’s a grab bag today, kids. I’m 20k into “A Great Prince” and not thinking it’ll hit 40k after all. That’s fine! It is what it is. Which definitely means I’ll be finishing it in October. Does it feel more like a movie treatment than a novel? Sure! Works for me!

I’m working on a “how to” video for CreateSpace covers. But when I started editing, I realized I had too many oopsies and patches and callout additions, so…I chucked it. Back to the drawing board! This first draft was 40 minutes long, which isn’t too bad – it means I can now do a CS cover end to end in less than that. But I want it to flow easily for the learner, so I’m going to redo it. Easier at a certain point to rerecord than to fix and refix and rerefix…

“A Little Too Broken” did really well with the .99 BookBub – it’s brought in about $550 so far this month, though that’s tailing off now that it’s out of KU and not selling elsewhere (yet). Taking the $170 BB fee off the top, that leaves $380, and 50% of that is $190 so far for IAVA and Puppies Behind Bars! So yeah, a good month for that.

I’ve gone wide on five of my backlist novels, with great trepidation –  the bad news is, they’re not moving anywhere yet, but the good news is that my borrow pages on my newer books, still in the program, have stabilized around where they were before the BookBub, so I haven’t really hurt myself. And I *have* seen sales go up on titles like Different People after they went out of KU – there are some books people will buy if they can’t rent ’em.

Different People is a head scratcher for me. It’s one of “Orland’s” old novels that I repubbed after a major edit, cutting about 15,000 words off the 125k original. That was what made me realize I had the chops to do editing work – if I could tackle that beast, and remove all the asides and digressions and rants and useless characters and scenes from that book, I could do it for anyone’s. And when I repubbed it, I thought, well, that didn’t cost me anything to do, maybe it’ll earn another dollar a month.

I pubbed it at .99, and it sold well, and then I thought, well, let me bump it up to $2.99. And it’s still selling – more copies this month (okay all of 30 whoo hoo) than any other novel in my catalog… The book I thought was just too dark and heavy for anyone to want to ever read it…

That’s been the story of my life. I’ve never been successful coming through the front door, only through the side door. I’ve never had a full time job I didn’t get through a temp assignment, I never would have been a tech writer if I hadn’t been working at a clinic when the Feds needed a manual on the reporting software we used, I never would have gone into erotica and romance without Aubrey Watt’s AMA in October 2012. Everything I think, “this is the one, this is the ticket,” never is, and the things I think, “whatever” turn out to be the winners.

That said. I really do have high hopes for Nikolas and Francesca. It’s a really fast, clever, almost plausible story. The chemistry is good. Again, I’m always wrong about my sure things, even as my dead ducks suddenly run rings around me, but maybe this time…

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