LAST DAY to start “Would I Lie to You?” as a KU Borrow…Nikolas and Francesca in print NLT 11/15!

LieCover 2

Or earlier…I have to weigh the pros/cons of preorders on A Great Prince. For some incredibly massively insanely stupid reason, Amazon disables the “Look Inside” feature on preorder titles…even though your final ms has to be submitted ten days before release. How am I supposed to lure people into preordering when I’m at a disadvantage v. released books? I can *try* to put a link in the blurb that says Click here for a free preview, and drive them to a special page on here, but…I shouldn’t have to.

Would I Lie to You comes out of KU at the end of day today. Sales are nonexistent on the books I took out of KU, but I’m told that’s to be expected. If you didn’t exist at all on Apple, etc., all this time and now you’re putting up backlist, it’s going to take a while to get traction. I’m hoping I have another BookBub soon, and from now on I’m only submitting wide-released books. That way, if someone gets the BB mail and clicks the Apple link, that’ll raise my profile at the iStore, etc. since Draft2Digital now has auto-updated backmatter with links (not, alas blurbs, but still) to your other titles on the same platform. Neat feature, guys! Now add the blurbs! :0

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