FOUR Rainbow Award Judges LOVE “Would I Lie to You?” and Great News on “Prince”

LieCover 2

Yes! WHOO! Take a listen to these judges’ comments:

Very enjoyable read. I loved the chemistry between Marc and Jesse, great character development all the way around.  Well written story and intriguing mystery. First book I’ve read by this author, but won’t be the last. Looking forward to the next one.

Highly original, hugely intricate and enjoyable plot dealing with tech, romance, alpha males and trust. The hacking and deception plot kept you guessing, while the past histories of the characters played out in flashback worked really well. Every character was well drawn and defined, and the story rattled along with some hot sex scenes too. Highly recommended.

This story was engaging and flowed really well. The plot was interesting and full of well researched detail. The story was not peppered with pointless sex scenes and the characters’ back stories slotted in perfectly.

I like some plot with my romance and this one had it — things happen! Although the story had D/s elements, it wasn’t about D/s, which I appreciated. The extended multi-chapter flashbacks were initially annoying, but the information was engaging. I read another book by this author where he employed the same device, so it may be SOP for him.

The awards are announced December 8, and this makes me feel pretty good about my chances – no guarantees in the Western World, I know, but still…

I’m glad I’m waiting to write the sequel, Strength In Numbers, until I have as good a story as I had for this one. I’m totally breaking the rule about banging out a book as fast as you can on the heels of the last one, I know. I should have a sequel out by 12/8, if I had any brains, to capitalize on a potential win.

But…the worst thing I could do would be to bang out a half-ass sequel when it’s not ready. We’ve all seen tradpub authors who’ve had a stellar first novel and then the second one, a year later, is…crap. Because they had as much time as they needed to write #1 but only 1 year or less to write #2 on a tradpub schedule that decrees Neither Fhalt Thou Author Publishe More thane Ye One or Lesse Than Ye One Booke In Ye Yeare. Obviously, I don’t need a year to write a book! But it’s the general principle. Good wine takes time, blah blah blah. I know it’ll take 2-3 months to write Strength because, well, that’s always how long a novel takes me.

The timing on Strength, I think, is still very good. Even if I don’t publish till January, I’m still ahead of the curve, barring a crash in Bitcoin’s value. Bitcoin’s underlying technology is being widely discussed for other purposes, and Bitcoin’s price is surging recently, with a lot of activity in China…those who were looking to Get Rich Quick in the stock market there seem to be turning, with at least tacit government approval, to Bitcoin. My own investment is currently up 23%… “Triple your money and then sell a third” is my bubble rule – get back your investment and if the rest goes to shit in a burst bubble, well, you broke even.

ONE MORE SCENE for A Great Prince, the post-weddin’ hot sexin’. Then the draft is done. I need a few more days to go back and plump up some details, and then it’s off to betas/proofers.

I contacted Sabrina Paige about her cover, just to make sure that hers is final, so I don’t put out one that looks the same. She was super nice and is even going to promo A Great Prince when it comes out! Maybe “princes” will become a thing like stepbrothers…she and I did both break big with stepfucking at the same time earlier this year…we can dream 🙂

2 Comments on FOUR Rainbow Award Judges LOVE “Would I Lie to You?” and Great News on “Prince”

  1. man–keeping fingers and every other appendage on my body crossed for this potential award. you certainly deserve it—!!

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