“A Great Prince” LIVE next week! And, All My Buy Links In One Place AT LAST!

I know, right? Took me long enough. The “About Me” link above now includes all links to all books at all retailers!

And, A Great Prince comes out next week! I got wonderful news from my Guru, who told me that actually, yeah, it’s not a bad idea pubbing a M/F as Brad, since I have an existing audience/presence as a leg up on everyone who’s pubbing a “first novel” under a new pen name. And, I learned that prereleases are Not Good for ranking on release day – it actually *dilutes* your sales over that 10 days… It’s really only worthwhile if you’re doing a massive ad campaign. So to hell with that.

2-3 more days to write and edit, and then off to my proofers/betas, and TO PRESS next week! Then, we’ll see….

Marc and Jesse are finally percolating. Obviously I’ve set them aside for a while to try and make $$$$, but I’ve also been daunted by the task I set myself with typical manic intensity – “Having failed algebra in high school, I shall now grasp the secrets of cryptography.” Umm…right.

Well, I am grasping the concepts – the intent of crypto, which is of course to conceal and to deceive. I read The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography as my “101” course, and loved it. Then I was ready to take on the Mother of All Doorstoppers, The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet. This 1200 page book traces crypto up until its pub date in 1996. I’m learning that crypto is really about puzzles – like a crossword or a jigsaw, you can patiently tease out patterns until All Is Revealed. Today of course, it’s all higher mathematics, one computer vs. another encryptying and decrypting, but no matter – the real essence of the game is still graspable even by the innumerate and dysnumeric like me. (Seriously, if I don’t say a string of numbers out loud over and over until I can write them down, they’re *gone*.)

And…I’m getting plot bunnies. I’ve learned with what the story needs to feel “legit,” though I still need to read deeper into Codebreakers to come up with some more plot twists.

My “Satoshi” doesn’t want his Bitcoin hoard (which was worth $235,000,000 when I started talking about it and is now worth…wait for it…$293,000,000) to be found by whoever’s got the most compucrunchtational supercomputer – anybody with enough money could do that. No, “he” wants them found by someone more well-rounded, culturally. So I’m looking at, um, more three-dimensionally encrypted secrets. Which is to say, not a flat plane of letters and numbers that can be crunched through an algorithm, but something that requires cultural literacy, feats of intuition and imagination, and of course, Global Travel because (Da Vinci Code Rule) two people sitting in a room thinkin’ ’bout shit is not exactly thriller material – mad dashing is mandatory!

And I’m getting ideas for the competition between Marc and Jesse on the Side of Good, and Chip and Walt on the Side of Evil, and how they can deceive and derail each other. And I’m coming up with a federal agent who’s after Jesse, but whom Jesse can pit against Walt and Chip, too.

I feel SO MUCH more confident about this book after I got FOUR high marks from the Rainbow Awards judges on “Lie.” Yes, JR and friends, I know you guys have always loved these stories 🙂 And that’s kept them alive when I might have otherwise abandoned them, what with the not so fabulous sales.

Like most authors, my creative self-esteem needs as much validation as it can get, and the idea that, you know, it’s possible that this series could really be “a thing” if I stick with it… Well, as long as I can do whatever else it takes right now to keep the bills paid, I’m on board.

2 Comments on “A Great Prince” LIVE next week! And, All My Buy Links In One Place AT LAST!

  1. Don’t know what more I can do to stroke that ego. But once again, I will state , You Sir, Are a Damn Fine Writer! I own everything you have written, so write some more and I will own more. I’d offer you a loan, but it would be in pennies. Banks don’t like it when you deposit pennies, but I do it for spite. 😀 Anyway, yes Jesse and Marc, oh and a couple of werewolves would be nice, too

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