“A Great Prince” going to betas and proofer tomorrow!

Yeah, I’m halfway through edits. I really do like this story. It’s fast paced, it’s short (35k), it’s…popcorn, but with real butter, not butter flavoring, if you get me.

So Pub Date looks like next Tuesday! Whoo! Bring the money! Sabrina Paige’s Prince Albert is already in the top 40 in the Kindle store. She’s got a huge following already, of course, but hey! I can dream! I’m following her lead completely – if she’s pubbed at .99, so will I. If she’s in KU, this one will be too. I’ve done so crappily in KU lately that I’ve just plain forgotten that not every book loses by being in the program!

The .99 price is a crap royalty, but if it rockets you to the top of the list, and the KU pages are then worth the loss…well then.

I suppose my greatest consolation is that Nobody Knows Anything any more, so there’s as good a chance that A Great Prince will go wild as there is that it’ll fail miserably. My goal is for it to make $1,000 in November – that’s not entirely unrealistic. That would require either 3,000 sales @.99, 500 @ 2.99, or 200,000 page reads in KU, or some combo.

Combine that income with my next BookBub for Given the Circumstances in late November, which will be my first multi-platform BB in years and will raise my profile at iTunes etc., I’m reasonably confident I won’t be eating roadkill for Thanksgiving dinner…

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