$250 to Veterans’ Orgs in October from “A Little Too Broken”! $4,600 to date!


ALTBStickerWhoo! Tom and Jamie are back in the saddle this month! Click HERE [EDIT – new theme screwing up main page links…click above on About Me!] for my new improved page with links to All Fine Retailers where you can buy your copy!

Full Disclosure: Because I’m broke, I now have to do shit like account for costs. So from the $670 the book brought in, I have to subtract the $170 that BookBub charged me for the listing, before getting to the $500 I can divide into the 50% donation. When I was Daddy Warbucks, I didn’t give a shit about little things like expenses, but now, alas, I have to.

Hey! I’m more legit than ever now. I’ve redirected the site so I’m not “Brad Vance Erotica” at WordPress anymore, I’m “BradVanceAuthor.com.” Again, just one of those uncanny feelings I had, that I should do that now, the way that last month I thought I should true up all my CreateSpace books, none of which have sold shit since then, but I just felt like IF something happened, something big and career-changing, I needed to be ready – not to be the amateur at the WordPress blog, not to be guy who “only” wrote smutty shorts.

Wishful thinking? Probably. But really, the “erotica” part of my business is pretty much dead thanks to the Ever Changing Rules at Amazon anyway, and so why turn off people who cringe at the “erotica” bit when the only short erotica I’m still writing (someday) is the Colum and Viggo series?

I’m getting initial feedback on A Great Prince, and…so far, so good 🙂 My hardcore #TeamVance members endorse it heartily, which was an enormous relief. When I tried writing heterom before as “Angelina Vance,” a lot of things went wrong – foremost of which was that my heart wasn’t in the story, and I was completely at sea in the sex scene. This time, I’m still somewhat at sea in terms of Female Part Response Technology, but I made up for that with witty dirty banter, which I know all about 🙂

So, the book will be released (well, pubbed to Amazon, hopefully also released) next Tuesday at the latest, depending on when my line editor/proofer gets her copy back to me. Could be earlier!

4 Comments on $250 to Veterans’ Orgs in October from “A Little Too Broken”! $4,600 to date!

  1. Harper Miller // October 30, 2015 at 7:09 am // Reply

    I find that porn always helps. Porn along with a dirty mind can help you nail ANY sex scene. Hey, I’m finishing up my first piece of gay erotica and if I didn’t read a lot of M/M romance and watch a shitload of porn, I’d have no idea what on earth to write lol.

    It’s also really sad how people put stipulations on erotica. I think it’s one of those genres that’s open to interpretation. Some people think it’s sex sex sex with no plot in sight, which is technically the case for 90% of erotica, but there’s a new breed of writers who teeter on the edge of erotic romance and erotica.

    So, if you still want to dive into dirty territory once in a blue moon, lol I’ll totally read it Brad!

  2. I’m purchasing A Great Prince because I’m a huge fan and support your work. You’ve help me escape many a hard day with your stories. I will admit I’m not a fan of het-romance. My life is oversaturated with hetero-romance in every TV show, film and the majority of books, commercials, reality TV, everywhere. But its you, and I know you weave amazing stories. I hope you don’t leave the gey-centric stories all alone, though. Even if they’re not erotica. Those are the stories I love the most. And even better when they’re written by you. If any of your stories would be the ideal candidates for films, I’d say ‘Have A Little Faith in Me’ and ‘A Little Too Broken’. 😊

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