October 2015

LAST DAY to start “Would I Lie to You?” as a KU Borrow…Nikolas and Francesca in print NLT 11/15!

October 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

Or earlier…I have to weigh the pros/cons of preorders on A Great Prince. For some incredibly massively insanely stupid reason, Amazon disables the “Look Inside” feature on preorder titles…even though your final ms has to be submitted ten days before release. How am I supposed to lure people into preordering when I’m at a disadvantage v. released books? I can *try* to put a link in the blurb that says Click here for a free preview, and drive them to a special page on here, but…I shouldn’t have to. Would I Lie to You comes out of KU at the end of day today. Sales are nonexistent on the books I took out of KU, but I’m told that’s to be expected. If you didn’t exist at all on Apple, etc., all this time and now you’re putting up backlist, it’s going to take a while to get traction. I’m hoping I have another BookBub soon, and from now on I’m only submitting wide-released books. That way, if someone gets [MORE]

Nikolas and Francesca are almost done! And thoughts on wealth…

October 20, 2015 // 3 Comments

Another week or two and, finito! And, another look at the pic of my inspiration for Nikolas, well, just because… This book is good. It’s got gangsters, a wicked stepmother, a bad boy, gunfights, revolutions, and a royal wedding. If this doesn’t make any money? I’m at a complete and total loss to figure out what the fuck ever will. And yes, like any of my books, it’s researched – the kingdoms are actually plausible nations sliced out of regions of Austria and Hungary, the cities in which the action takes place are real, right down to the street names and the layout of the grounds behind palaces, the action at Davos, including “translators,” is real. As always with semi-preposterous stories, if you make the rest of the story credible, the reader will suspend disbelief around the crazier bits. Thinking on Marc and Jesse and Bitcoin/Crypto, I distilled the three phases of novelist research: Phase I, you don’t know shit. Phase II, [MORE]

“A Great Prince,” CreateSpace cover video, and “Brokenbux”!

October 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

It’s a grab bag today, kids. I’m 20k into “A Great Prince” and not thinking it’ll hit 40k after all. That’s fine! It is what it is. Which definitely means I’ll be finishing it in October. Does it feel more like a movie treatment than a novel? Sure! Works for me! I’m working on a “how to” video for CreateSpace covers. But when I started editing, I realized I had too many oopsies and patches and callout additions, so…I chucked it. Back to the drawing board! This first draft was 40 minutes long, which isn’t too bad – it means I can now do a CS cover end to end in less than that. But I want it to flow easily for the learner, so I’m going to redo it. Easier at a certain point to rerecord than to fix and refix and rerefix… “A Little Too Broken” did really well with the .99 BookBub – it’s brought in about $550 so far this month, though that’s tailing off now that [MORE]

Halfway thru “A Great Prince”! And feeling justified in my Marc and Jesse delay…

October 13, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah, it’s moving. It’s fun, it’s…a nice break. I’m too ADD to do the same thing all the time forever anyway. And at 40k estimated final count, it’s really more like a movie treatment than a novel, I suppose (Hello, Hollywood, Hello!). And delaying Lie #2 till I have a solid puzzle/plot just got validated, by an episode of “The Good Wife” I just saw, revolving around Bitcoin. OMG was it hilarious! Okay, first off, I just discovered this show, and man is it GREAT. My life right now pretty much consists of bingeing on it, and I got to the middle of season three last night, and the Bitcoin episode. Now, this show is really smart, clever, and accurate as far as the law goes. But…someone was in a bit (heh) of a hurry on this one. It starts off with the Treasury Department trying to arrest someone for creating the currency (plausible). But then it runs off the rails. The Treasury guy makes his case: “Bitcoin has incorporated, [MORE]

LAST DAY to start reading four of my KU novels!

October 12, 2015 // 4 Comments

You must START these books today, the last day they’re in the KU program. Once they’re started, you have some indefinite amount of time to finish them, and I’ll still get credited. But if you don’t start them today, they’re goners. A Little Too Broken: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EN2M37O Given the Circumstances: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GH33TRA Apollo’s Curse: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K4FXL8O The Worst Best Luck: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HOUQW6A Naturally, now that I’m starting my exit, my KU pages are spiking just now, a positive uptick from the “Broken” BookBub on 10/6. (Last dot is today so far.) Which of course provokes an existential crisis I had to ponder this weekend. Most of this spike is just pages from “Broken,” since I get credit for borrows when people click on a freebie that’s in KU: So the Great Question is, have I made a terrible mistake, should I stay in KU after all? After long [MORE]

15,500 on “A Great Prince”! And…Niko’s Backstory!

October 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I’m going to be an adult and do the ten day pre-order sale thing on A Great Prince. I’m enjoying writing it…it’s light, easy fun. How do these books rocket to #1 on day #1? Presales, presales, presales…right? At my current pace, this story is done by the end of October. Then hopefully my betas can turn it around in a few days and then whatever day it’s done-done, I put it up on Amazon on pre-order. And anywhere else that will do preorder – no KU this time… I’ve learned my lesson on the “power of free.” Which is to say, I’m not sure it has any power anymore. It did…but I gave away 4,000 copies of Werewolves of Brooklyn during my BookBub, and I’ve sold…less than 400 copies. So that didn’t work out so good. Free was great under the old KU – if KU members download your book during a freebie, you still get credit for the borrow. But now, it just means that most everyone who wants [MORE]

Meet Princess Francesca…in a novel by Brad Vance!

October 8, 2015 // 0 Comments

I’m powering through this…novella? Maybe 40k? More like a movie treatment than a full length novel, at a cinematic pace, too. Marc and Jesse need more time, and right now, I’m literally buying them time, or I hope I am… I’ve heeded the call from #TeamVance – Brad Vance is the official author of this book! You’re right, if I write it, I should claim it. Ella Frank crossed over from MF to MM without changing names. “A Little Too Broken” almost got triple #1’s during the BookBub, but it was beat out in GayRom, by a title from two successful New Adult authors who’ve branched into MM. So these “borders,” these lines between MM and MF, are blurring. More and more readers are looking for a good story and aren’t squeamish about whether Tab A goes into Slot B or Slot C (umm that came out wrong…wait, that came out wrong too…o never mind). Once upon a time, I would have felt like a [MORE]

Make Way For the King! Sneak peek at my first Heteromance, coming very soon!

October 7, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yes, Marc and Jesse are still underway, but I need more time to think. So…I had the bright idea of turning a shelved idea into a heteromance I can dash off quickly – like, in weeks. Here’s the opening of “A Great Prince”…if this doesn’t sell like pancakes, I’m going into door-to-door encyclopedia sales… Oh, and this pic was my inspiration for Nikolas! His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, King Nikolas of Danubia, got low on his snowboard, aiming straight down the black diamond run. His security detail was back there somewhere, he supposed. Near a turn in the run, one of the paparazzi was hiding in the snow. Some security detail I’ve got, he thought. This guy could have a gun instead of a camera. With a twitch of his hips, he banked sharply, the heels of his feet digging into the mountain. The effect was like a belt sander on a piece of metal, frozen sparks flying through the air. He hoped it ruined the picture. (It didn’t – [MORE]