October 2015

LAST CALL for KU Borrows on all my novels!

October 6, 2015 // 5 Comments

Yes, in the next month, all my novels will be leaving the Kindle Unlimited program. The numbers are in, and it’s obvious that there’s little sense in my remaining in the program. My sales last month came to $750, and my pages borrowed totaled $900… So in exchange for exclusivity with Amazon, locking out the increasingly lucrative iTunes/iStore market as well as other international platforms, I’m making less and less on borrows. I got $1500 in borrowbux in July, the first “ha’penny month,” followed by $1700 in August, then $900 in September, and I’m on track this month to make about $800 on borrows… So let’s break it down. If I make $2.80 in royalties on a $3.99 book, all I have to do is sell another 300 copies of all novels over all platforms, including Amazon, to make up the “loss” in borrowbux. And some of these novels have never been offered anywhere but Amazon. I’m sorry to do this to those who are [MORE]

“The Martian” is Awesome! And a valuable lesson to writers…

October 3, 2015 // 4 Comments

So yeah! I saw the first showing yesterday, I was so excited. And yes, it’s a five star movie. I’d read the book and I remember being more than occasionally baffled by the science, TBH, being a Humanities guy myself. But the way they handled it in the script, I mean, perfecto: they didn’t dumb anything down, and yet, I understood what was going on at all times. They didn’t convert meters to feet for an American audience, and as long as you know a meter’s three feet or so, and a kilometer’s half a mile or so, well…in the vast depths of space, close enough. It was really a master class for me, when I think about my WIP. How to balance technical accuracy with comprehensibility. For instance, they had a dude place people around a room as if they were planets, and use a stapler and a pen to represent ship and rocket, to visualize a solution to a problem. They didn’t get deep into the math of how a slingshot effect works or anything like [MORE]

$4,330 to date to IAVA and other Veterans’ Orgs from “A Little Too Broken”!

October 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I like to see that two year total, especially when September was only good for $35 to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. September was a pretty bad month for Vancedelay Industries in the book sellin’ division. This is the first month since going full time that I only “made parity” with my monthly bills thanks to my editing income. Now, that said, here’s the deal for October. “A Little Too Broken” will be a BookBub featured book next week, at .99. However…it cost me $170 to list it. So, because my income is total shit right now, I’m going to have to cut that $170 off the total income from ALTB before I donate the 50% royalty for the month. So if it brings in $500 in royalties with the promo (that randomly assumes 1500 .99 sales), I have to recoup that $170 first. Because that was about 10% of my writing income last month… Y’all know I’ve had a lot of months where I’ve donated 100% of the royalties [MORE]