November 2015

“A Little Too Broken” – The Motion Picture!

November 30, 2015 // 6 Comments

No, not really! Not yet, anyway. But, being an idiot, I’ve thought of one more realm into which I can overextend myself – screenwriting! Everyone knows I write “cinematically” anyway. And which of my books could most easily be made into a small, indie film? Yeah, that one! Seriously. I sometimes think that I’d find more success with my books as movies than as novels. I’m pretty sure I’d reach a much larger gay male audience with film. Men are visual, and gay men are no exception. If you take a look at the Amazon reviews for the gay indie movies that are up there, you see two things. First off, there are a lot of 2 or 3 star movies, so there’s definitely an opening for some solid content like “A Little Too Broken.” Second, reading the reviews, I get a very strong vibe that these films are mostly being watched by gay men, whereas gay novels are mostly being read by straight women. And TBH, the lion’s share of the [MORE]

Creepin’ back into KU, after Learned Analysis…

November 28, 2015 // 7 Comments

Yeah, so the BookBub/”go wide” experiment has met with mixed results, basically negative. Given the Circumstances sold about 770 on Amazon, 100 on Apple, and 90 on Nook thanks to the promo. Zilch on Google Play or ARE. There has been some pickup on sales of other titles at those retailers, but not much. Basically, I made about $350 in November, going wide with my novels at ARE, Apple and Nook. But, I was bringing in $900 in KU pagebux from those titles – in a bad month. And what I saw during the GTC BookBub was interesting. Last time I had a .99, for A Little Too Broken, my borrow pages really spiked, as seen here – that was with all my stuff still in KU. This time, as seen in the second sales spike, my borrow pages still jumped a little, even though all my non-erotica titles are out of KU. A much tinier spike, but a spike nonetheless. So, I THINK the lesson is that a big .99 sale will drive borrows among KU subscribers, but won’t drive sales much [MORE]

Amazon surveyed me on KDP! Here’s what I said…

November 24, 2015 // 2 Comments

Yeah, I think this covers it. They sent me an email this morning, asking for my input on how they could make the program better,and here’s what I wrote: #1 in importance is a *more useful* KU/Select reporting system. A bulk number of “Pages Read” per title gives authors no idea which titles are performing effectively in the system. Have 100 people read 1 page and given up on a book, or has 1 person read all 100 pages? Without this, there’s no way to tell what titles are best suited to KU/Select, or which titles are really resonating (or crashing and burning) with readers. What we need is an average completion percentage. #2 is to be given sufficient notice on drastic KU/Select program changes. The move from 1.0 ($1.33ish a borrow) to 2.0 (.005 and declining) was announced with two weeks’ notice. This was a move that sent many writers’ incomes, and their ability to forecast income, into a tailspin. The recent “2.1” notice about different [MORE]

“Given the Circumstances” .99 BookBub, and, Thoughts on Writing for Money

November 21, 2015 // 9 Comments

Okay, selfpubbers, pay attention! Today we start a very interesting research project. I went “wide” on all my novels over the last month – i.e., they’re out of Kindle Select and into Apple, Nook, Google Play etc. And the response has been disappointing. Only AllRomanceEbooks has proven to be a new income stream for my books, especially for Werewolves of Brooklyn. But! Today Given the Circumstances is on a .99 BookBub! Here are ALL the links: It’s been a year since I’ve had a BB that was all-platform, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what [MORE]

Shopify Closed, but Narrating Resumes, on the Homer Simpson Platform!

November 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I closed the Shopify audiobooks store. I haven’t sold anything in ages, and I haven’t created any audiobooks in ages either. So my reasons are: First off, people want to push a button on their phone to buy something. They don’t want to side load or unzip or anything else. They have their credits at Audible and that’s where they’re going to shop. I really didn’t want to do more biz with Amazon, but…I’m merely a hedge knight in vassalage to Lord Bezos, and so it goes. If I was Stephen King or something, I could upset the apple cart. And if I ever am Stephen King, I will. But for now, if I’m gonna do audiobooks, I gotta cave here. Audible it must be. Secondly, I wasn’t working on audiobooks because I hate sound editing. Sitting there clipping and snipping every huff and sigh and click…what a grind. “Green pie” stuff, if you saw my other post! It was joyless, thinking about how much work I was making [MORE]

.99 BookBub on 11/21 for “Given the Circumstances”!

November 19, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, my first “wide” BookBub in ages – Apple, Nook, Google, etc. Last time I did one that wasn’t Amazon-exclusive, BB’s gaylist was 60k people and I moved 1200 .99 copies of A Little Too Broken – admittedly, 1000 on Amazon, but still. Now it’s 180k – three times as many. And this book will be “fresh” to a lot of Apple, Nook, and Google Play customers, since the book was in Select for a year… Daddy needs a new pair of shoes… Strength in Numbers is moving, but not at the pace I’d like. Finishing at the end of December seems more likely now. I miss the days of irrational exuberance, when I was SO SURE that this time for sure this was the book that would make me rich and famous, that I’d bolt out of bed and dash out 2500 words just like that. Reality is a real mind-killer, man. But, it is moving. [MORE]

HOT SEXIN’ with Marc and Jesse! Buckle up!

November 18, 2015 // 4 Comments

If I’ve learned one thing over three years at this job, it’s that writing sexin’ is the one thing that gets harder over time. Plot, dialogue, continuity, all that gets easier and easier with practice, but…finding yet another way to put Tab A into Slot B? Now that’s difficult. So the “challenging challenge” becomes to do more with it than just, you know, “And then they fucked.” The great thing about Marc and Jesse is that they’re “game players.” The two of them are just about as bored with A/B sexin’ as I am. So when you put the two of them in a room together (or at a waterfall, or, as you’re about to see, in a private jet) something exciting is going to happen. Something that excites me again. Darien and Albeus were hot because, you know, supernatural werewolf sexin’. But just writing the regular “two guys doin’ it” scenes ain’t cutting it anymore. What that bodes for [MORE]

What I need is a business partner! Then I should start my own publishing house…

November 17, 2015 // 10 Comments

Seriously. I need someone who’s not only really really good at stuff I’m not good at, but someone who likes it, actually likes the “running a business” part. (Facebook ads, mailing lists, cultivating prerelease reviews, redoing all the EPUBs to reflect new backmatter links for each outlet, resubmitting them, tracking the updates, tracking expenses, etc.) Ever heard of Emergenetics? When I contracted at Microsoft, everyone took the test. TL;DR it’s a test that (if you answer truthfully) lets you identify your “work type” and post it on the outside of your cube, so that people who were previously shaking their head at you, can now understand at least a little about why you think and work the way you do. It’s a pie chart, divided into Blue (rational, mathematical), Red (empathy, emotional intuition), Yellow (creative, rule breaker/ignorer, easily bored with routine tasks) and Green (by the book, enjoys stability, can focus on [MORE]

14.7K on “Strength” and Amazon’s Plan to Leave the Book Biz…

November 16, 2015 // 2 Comments

Another hot sexin’! Anything that keeps people reading through all the explication/setup on Bitcoin. And what’s all this about Amazon leaving book publishing? Oh, that’s simple. Let’s just run a list. Amazon has set up a system that rewards the current top 1% of Amazon-exclusive writers. *Note the use of the word “current.” Amazon has consistently made abrupt and dramatic changes to the rules (the adult filter on searches, what’s taboo and what’s not), then made it impossible to comply with them (the content blocks with no explanation other than “for content”). Amazon has changed the compensation schemes (KU 2.0, KU 2.1 with this regional pay-per-page thing) for self-published writers with almost no notice (15 days for 2.0, ONE day for 2.1), thereby alienating everyone dependent on a self-publishing income. Nobody’s famous forever. The writers at the top of the selfpub heap now will burn out and people will move on. [MORE]

KU squeezes again…So glad I’m out…

November 15, 2015 // 0 Comments

Yeah, down to .0048. Not even a ha’penny anymore. This news is a couple days old now, but yesterday was hardly the time to rush to press to complain about being squeezed for yet another penny… I spent yesterday morning writing a foaming tirade against religion (all of them) and then, to my surprise, I…put it in a drawer. I researched it, edited it, and then just left it there. Maybe it’s because I’ve had enough of manufactured controversy after that S/He Who Must Not Be Named thing – FSM knows that kept me from weighing in on the latest kerfuffle on Dirty Discourse. Maybe because I saw fucking morons like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump trying to blame the victims for not being strapped up when they went to drink and dance and eat and live a free life in a free country, and I decided that maybe I shouldn’t make this all about me. I will say it makes me purple to hear people talking about “praying” for the victims. God damn it, [MORE]