“A Great Prince” on sale TOMORROW! Are Princes a “thing” now?

To paraphrase Archer 🙂 Sabrina Paige’s Prince Albert is…#1 in the whole fookin’ Kindle store!!! Take that, John Grisham! So this is certainly time to strike while the iron is hot…

It’s been good to FORCE myself to wait those extra days, not only to give proofers time to fix shit, but for me to think of little extra details – not big things, but little things, the salt and spice that enrich the broth. This is a good story, the betas love it, the timing is right, but of course it’s a crap shoot… Pay attention, self-pubbers, because this is going to be a case study in whether or not a good book, with perfect timing, the right title (see below) and cover, in a suddenly new “thing” like stepbros were earlier this year, can succeed without a massive marketing campaign.

The other thing these extra days have provided was time for me to sit and stare at Albert and the #3 bestseller, Pretend You’re Mine. This book is from the good folks I worked with on “Angelina Vance’s” novel – congratulations, guys! – so that makes me personally acquainted with the #1 and #3 bestselling authors in the Kindle Store (drops pen a la Colbert). Like one of the cryptologists I’m reading about for Marc and Jesse, staring long enough suddenly revealed the obvious – namely, the titles of these books.

Pretend You’re Mine: A Small Town Love Story

Prince Albert: A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance

See what I see? That’s right – colons! Subtitles! See, the thing about romance and erotica books (and others for that matter, but especially these) is that people search for a type of story, so you have to associate “keywords” with your book. The very best way to do that is to put them in your book’s title. Barring that, in the series name. Which is why “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” has the name it does, and why the Viking series has the ridiculous name “Gay Viking Captive Submission.” Because it SELLS BOOKS. People who’ve never heard of you don’t look for you, they look for Viking, Gay Viking, etc. Thus, I’m titling my book:

A Great Prince: A Royal Bad Boy Romance

So I’ll get hits on Prince, Royal and Bad Boy. Any more words than that and you’re not only risking the Wrath of Bezeus, you’re making your title sound a little too calculating and market-researched.

Notice that Pretend You’re Mine isn’t a “Romance,” it’s a “Love Story.” Why, when there are 8x as many Small Town Romances in the Kindle store than there are Small Town Love Stories? Got me, but I know the PubYourself folks, and they know something I don’t…namely, probably, that people who search on Small Town Love Story are more likely to buy this book than people who search on Small Town Romance.

See? I’m learning 🙂 Now, I know I’m not going to get to #1 or even #3 for a simple reason: I don’t have a mailing list (long story, someone was supposed to be helping me with that and disappeared), I have a very limited advertising budget, and there’s a SEO Special Sauce of which I have no knowledge.

That said…it’s a good product, at the best possible time, so…we’ll see…

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