SURPRISE! “Strength in Numbers” coming by end of December!

Well, barring any clusterfuckastrophes in my daily life, anyway, to throw me off my game. My brain function is so abnormal, but I guess that’s what makes me a creative type. My absolute certainty (possibly misplaced, see below) that A Great Prince was DOA forced me to sit down and synthesize all I’ve learned so far on Bitcoin/crypto, and plot out Strength in Numbers. Because, of course, being absolutely certain that Prince is doomed, I knew I had to get crackin’ on something I knew I could sell.

And I did! It’s ready to roll. There are still a few missing bits – WHY would “Satoshi” want to start a Grail Quest for his 1m Bitcoins in the first place, why send both good guys and bad guys after them? It’s the existential question without which the whole story makes no sense, but…since the answer isn’t revealed until the end of the story, I have a month or more to ponder that 🙂

But, I have all the puzzles I need, or at least the mental equipment to build them out when the time comes. Confidence Is High. Let’s Light This Candle!

Meanwhile, all is not lost on A Great Prince. My friend and editorial client Lily Lamb is beating the tom-toms for me on the MF promotional front, getting people to read, review and promote the book. The “business side” really is my Achilles Heel, at least the part around marketing, promotion, advertising, etc… It’s times like this I see the value of a business partner, a Jobs to my Woz, a Ballmer to my Gates, someone to get out there and Make Shit Happen after the creating is done.

The tea leaves look better on Prince, I’ll say. It’s gone up overnight from 20,000 in sales rank to 11,000, and the Also Boughts are finally reflecting other MF books, including Sabrina Paige’s megaseller Prince Albert. As of yesterday, they were only showing other Brad books and a few of my buddy Kora Knight’s books. So, that’s a good sign…fingers crossed…

2 Comments on SURPRISE! “Strength in Numbers” coming by end of December!

  1. Congrats, good luck and I’ll be waiting around the corner for Jesse and Marc. A new years blessing 😀

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