KU squeezes again…So glad I’m out…

Yeah, down to .0048. Not even a ha’penny anymore. This news is a couple days old now, but yesterday was hardly the time to rush to press to complain about being squeezed for yet another penny… I spent yesterday morning writing a foaming tirade against religion (all of them) and then, to my surprise, I…put it in a drawer. I researched it, edited it, and then just left it there.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had enough of manufactured controversy after that S/He Who Must Not Be Named thing – FSM knows that kept me from weighing in on the latest kerfuffle on Dirty Discourse. Maybe because I saw fucking morons like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump trying to blame the victims for not being strapped up when they went to drink and dance and eat and live a free life in a free country, and I decided that maybe I shouldn’t make this all about me.

I will say it makes me purple to hear people talking about “praying” for the victims. God damn it, it’s fucking religion that killed them. And when you “pray” for the victims of religion, you’re just shoring up the system, granting them their first principle, that there’s a god – from which any and all flavors of lunacy can flow, and do…

Yeah I went on for about 2,000 words on that. I would give my left nut to bring Christopher Hitchens back from the grave for one day, to say everything I want to say, only better…

Nothing else got done yesterday. I decided it would be pretty tasteless to promote/market romance novels hard on the heel of all that. Also, it was my birthday, and I tried hard to enjoy it and not work. It’s a funny milestone – last year I was astonished to get 100 happy birthday messages from FB fans and friends, and this year it was over 200. That’s pretty cool. I guess it means there are more people out there reading my stuff and liking it, and/or me.

At any rate. KU compensation just gets lower and lower, and I’m so glad I’ve been pulling out. I just don’t get why they keep slashing it. If I had the time I could afford to take writing something for free, I’d do a piece on Microsoft, which once thought it was an invulnerable monopoly, and every content provider (i.e. app developers) had to take what Microsoft gave them because, hey, where else you gonna go? Then the iPhone came along, and Mac sales soared, and talented programmers said, fuck this, Microsoft, I don’t need to take your shit anymore.

It’ll happen to Amazon, at least in book sales. Maybe they don’t really care about books anymore – maybe they sell so much other crap that they won’t even miss it when they’re disrupted. It happened to Microsoft, and Microsoft happened to IBM, and IBM happened to pretty much everyone else in the office equipment industry. Sprint and Verizon happened to AT&T, DirectTV happened to cable, Netflix happened to DirecTV and cable… And it happens when A) a better product comes along, usually for less money (with the exception of Apple stuff) and B) there’s more money to be made by talented content providers if they move to the New Thing. Especially if C) the invulnerable monopoly treats you like shit and there’s never been any respect given to you as a business partner.

The general conversation I’m having with other writers who are “going wide” is that nothing’s moving anywhere else, which is to be expected when you’ve had no presence on any platform but Amazon for a year… But, “Strength in Numbers” will be my first wide-release, no KU title since last winter. So that’ll be interesting.

It’s a financial hit right now, not having even those tinier and tinier slivers of borrowbux…but. The sense of relief I feel on the 15th, when the ever-worse news gets released, and I see others still in the system tearing their hair…it’s fucking worth it.


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