.99 BookBub on 11/21 for “Given the Circumstances”!

Yeah, my first “wide” BookBub in ages – Apple, Nook, Google, etc. Last time I did one that wasn’t Amazon-exclusive, BB’s gaylist was 60k people and I moved 1200 .99 copies of A Little Too Broken – admittedly, 1000 on Amazon, but still.

Now it’s 180k – three times as many. And this book will be “fresh” to a lot of Apple, Nook, and Google Play customers, since the book was in Select for a year… Daddy needs a new pair of shoes…

Strength in Numbers is moving, but not at the pace I’d like. Finishing at the end of December seems more likely now. I miss the days of irrational exuberance, when I was SO SURE that this time for sure this was the book that would make me rich and famous, that I’d bolt out of bed and dash out 2500 words just like that. Reality is a real mind-killer, man. But, it is moving.


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