Creepin’ back into KU, after Learned Analysis…

Yeah, so the BookBub/”go wide” experiment has met with mixed results, basically negative. Given the Circumstances sold about 770 on Amazon, 100 on Apple, and 90 on Nook thanks to the promo. Zilch on Google Play or ARE. There has been some pickup on sales of other titles at those retailers, but not much.

Basically, I made about $350 in November, going wide with my novels at ARE, Apple and Nook. But, I was bringing in $900 in KU pagebux from those titles – in a bad month. And what I saw during the GTC BookBub was interesting. Last time I had a .99, for A Little Too Broken, my borrow pages really spiked, as seen here – that was with all my stuff still in KU.


This time, as seen in the second sales spike, my borrow pages still jumped a little, even though all my non-erotica titles are out of KU. A much tinier spike, but a spike nonetheless. So, I THINK the lesson is that a big .99 sale will drive borrows among KU subscribers, but won’t drive sales much on $3.99 non-borrowable titles. Subscribers would go and read my erotica in KU for free before buying another romance for $3.99…

So, it’s back to KU for A Little Too Broken, for starters. That’s sold 7 copies in November at Apple and/or Nook, and 1 copy at ARE, and 1 at Google. So, there’s definitely no merit in keeping that wide. I’m leaving GTC out there on Nook/Apple, because it’s still getting full price sales from the BookBub’s ranking/increase in visibility.

I had a good short run at ARE with Werewolves, Lie and Faith, but that’s about over. So again, little merit to be seen in keeping them up there. I’ll gradually be popping them back into KU unless there’s a Miracle Day soon.

I’m not sorry I had a “bad” month in November. If you don’t try shit in this business, you don’t win. I know I failed utterly with A Great Prince, for purely mental reasons – I wrote it under the influence of magical thinking/delusions of grandeur, totally forgetting that you have to spend 5x as much time and energy promoting a heterom as you spend writing it, just to be seen. And as soon as I published it I thought, my God, what have I done! I fell into an instant pit of despair at the impossible task and my own foolishness. So then there was a super bad case of post-pubbing depression. I really really need a business partner…

Anyway, Marc and Jesse are having a nice long Thanksgiving rest, and then it’s back to work on that. And I need to think deep long and hard about what I write after that’s done.

7 Comments on Creepin’ back into KU, after Learned Analysis…

  1. Harper Miller // November 28, 2015 at 10:30 am // Reply

    You said it, you don’t know what works until you try new shit. And you’re spot on about promoting hetero romances. I feel that’s just the nature of the self-pub business in general. I get way more sales from Amazon than I do on other sites, but I still refuse to put all my eggs in one basket because I’m still getting sales. I notice that my sales are picking up from Kobo. You should try there Brad, ditch Google Play. I stayed in a week and nada. Not worth it imo. Dude, I’m in awe of the fact that you’re always trying new marketing strategies. That’s badass.

  2. I was following your experiment with interest. Thank you for sharing the results with us (writers)! Good information to know.

  3. Dude I’m getting whiplash from you going back and forth, but I do understand your need to try to generate more sales. I for one though wish you would just keep writing because you are damn good at it. I have faith it will work out for you. To paraphrase, “write them all and let the readers sort them out”. 🙂

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