“A Little Too Broken” – The Motion Picture!

No, not really! Not yet, anyway. But, being an idiot, I’ve thought of one more realm into which I can overextend myself – screenwriting! Everyone knows I write “cinematically” anyway. And which of my books could most easily be made into a small, indie film? Yeah, that one!

Seriously. I sometimes think that I’d find more success with my books as movies than as novels. I’m pretty sure I’d reach a much larger gay male audience with film. Men are visual, and gay men are no exception. If you take a look at the Amazon reviews for the gay indie movies that are up there, you see two things. First off, there are a lot of 2 or 3 star movies, so there’s definitely an opening for some solid content like “A Little Too Broken.” Second, reading the reviews, I get a very strong vibe that these films are mostly being watched by gay men, whereas gay novels are mostly being read by straight women.

And TBH, the lion’s share of the gayrom book market goes to more sweet, sentimental romance than the hot sexin’ stuff I’ve come to do so well, wink wink! I’ve never had a #1 best selling novel for more than a day, and even that day only came from a BookBub promo. I really have to wonder if the numbers would be different if my books were movies instead…

No, I’m not going off half-cocked and dropping shit to run do this. But. I am gathering screenwriting resources, for the Miracle Day. You know, the day I have enough $ in pocket that I can take time off from my silver mine, and go on another crazy quest that may well not pan out any gold.

I watched the latest season of Project Greenlight, which really kicked off this idea. God, that director, what a dick, right? And that story wasn’t that great. The younger brother just starts to connect with the crazy sister, and then they drop that when the hooker comes along with the younger brother, and the crazy sister like, doesn’t even care that this whole burgeoning subplot has been dropped! And then it’s all supposed to be some New Yorker short story “tiny epiphany” at the end when the dude realizes he’s suddenly trapped in a loveless marriage, ohh, deep… And he’s not! He’s a bolter! He’s not going to stick around for thirty years! You can’t have that kind of payoff without the right setup, and that dude was not set up to face up to thirty loveless years…fuck, I can do better than that!

Well, we’ll see. Someday. But come on. Wouldn’t A Little Too Broken make a great fucking movie? Paging Hollywood…to the white courtesy telephone, please…

6 Comments on “A Little Too Broken” – The Motion Picture!

  1. I’m a women(not 100% straight though) and I watch a lot of gay themed films and a majority of them run from depressing to extremely vague with an extremely open ending. I’m not saying gay films have to have happy rainbow endings with everything tied in a bow, but 99% of the gay fare offered ends in heart ache, tears or “huh?”. ‘A Little Too Broken’ would be a great film. Although from a story telling perspective, ‘Have A Little Faith in Me’ would be perfect for a film in my little opinion.

    • Thanks! Yeah Faith would make a good movie, but with locations, hurricanes, etc lol it would have to be a Hollywood pic, and we’re many years from gay drama in the mainstream I’m afraid.

  2. Well thanks, Brad–now I’m going to have to think about casting Tom and Jamie — a labor of love hahaha. Seriously, I watch a lot of gay films; one of my favorites is Pit Stop, and that’s character driven, just like Broken would be. Of course, I’m not gay, I’m not straight–I’m just graight.

    • You are graight girl 🙂 yeah I’d love to get a Michael Stokes model, a wounded vet who can act, for Tom. As for Jamie, well, the door is open…

  3. Yep, I think this would make a great movie, but I think most of your books would. Of course Marc and Jesse, well the seats would have to be equipped with wipe dispensers. 😉

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